Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price condemned the Health Department on Tuesday for using an image of a black man in a poster about the monkeypox vaccine.

Posters in English and Spanish at the free monkey disease pop-up clinic included a picture of a black man. Price called the poster “unacceptable” during a regular Dallas County Commissioners Court meeting.

“This pamphlet was out there, and I want to know why this was published by Health and Human Services,” Price said.

Health and Human Services Director Dr. Philip Huang agreed that the poster should be removed.

“It was a mistake and we replaced it as soon as it appeared,” Huang told commissioners. “As soon as we found out, we pulled over.”

Marketing for a single clinic was done quickly — a day or two in advance — to publicize the event, Huang said.

Price asked why the poster didn’t include white people, and Huang responded that he didn’t want the team to assume the virus was only white people.

“Then why don’t you get a set out there?” Price asked the health director.

“I completely agree. “I think they were looking at the space issue,” Huang said.

Huang apologized and took responsibility for the poster.

“I don’t buy it. I received a complaint. I will talk to you. She didn’t even know it was there. You said you would take responsibility,” Price told Huang.

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