Ps5 Playstation

A US judge has ruled that Sony did not infringe on another company’s patented technology with PlayStation hardware, specifically how the consoles and controllers communicate.

as detailed by GamesIndustry.bizOriginal Enabling Technology (GET) first filed a complaint against Sony in 2017, alleging infringement of the PlayStation maker’s ‘730 Patent, entitled ‘Method and apparatus for producing a combined data stream and for retrieving a corresponding user input stream therefrom At least one input signal .’

Chief among the many claims raised in the case was how PlayStation consoles and controllers were locked. Now, as we all know, DualSense communicates with the PS5 by providing a separate “slow-varying frequency” signal for button inputs and another, higher-frequency signal for motion control input. GET’s contention was that no device could receive both signals simultaneously until it solved the problem with the ‘730 Patent.