Auckland – Starting second baseman Jose Altuv And manager Dusty Baker joins some familiar faces in the All-Star Game on July 19 in the American League duo.

Verlander, 39, leads the American League with 11 wins and his only 2.00 ERA track record is Tampa Bay Shane Maklahanahan (1.73 ERA). While Verland is recovering from Tommy John’s surgery after losing all 2021, he became a working horseman during his return season, throwing at least seven innings in eight of his 16 starts. Quality begins.

“It means a lot,” said Verland. “A lot of things in this first half put some things in perspective, remembering all the efforts they made to get me back and forth, it’s a great honor to be recognized and elected by my peers.”

There was no star more than Alvarez, who declared himself a former MVP candidate. He entered the lead on Sunday with OPS (1,058), slugging percentage (.653) and at-bats in a home run (10.31). Alvarez was the last candidate to start with the poet, but was eventually defeated by the angel Shohai Otani between 52% and 48%.

“It’s a great honor for him to finish second to such a young player,” Baker said after the All-Star game was announced on Friday.

“I am very happy [Alvarez and Valdez]”You will definitely find it. They have had wonderful years and have been working for all this.”

A.D. After taking a break in 2021, Taker is set to enter the game on Sunday with 16 home runs. Tcker’s 58 RBIs are second only to Aaron’s (65) AL foreign players, and his 14 tackles are fifth in the league. He has been a key defender for Houston in Fangraf, with 10 defensive saves this season tied to Tampa Bay Brett Phillips.

Valdez, one of the best left-handers in baseball, completed the Astros Quantet’s move to Los Angeles. Valdez has gone 86 in a 2.64 ERA 8-4 this season, currently connecting 14 quality starts. He could not help but smile when he discussed the formation of the first star team.

“I have worked hard for this,” said Valdez through translator Jenloy Herrera. “I worked tirelessly for this, I tried to focus more on the game, and every time I go out there I try to find a quality exit, so I can be a star today.”

The five stars in Houston will be in good company as Baker and his staff will lead the AL team at Doder Stadium. Baker said it was a unique opportunity to manage his own players as well as the best players in the league.

“I was looking at that list, and Wow, I found some bad boys on that list,” Baker said. “I feel it is an honor to lead, and if so, we are on the same side [just] For a day. “

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