Khanapara Teer Result Today 11 December 2023, Shillong Teer, Juwai Teer, Assam Teer Results

Kanapara TEER Result Today 26 January 2024, Shillong Teer, Juwai Teer, Assam Teer Results

Result of Kanapara Tir Kanapara Ter Lottery occupies a prominent place in Assam’s cultural tapestry, and declares its results live at 4:10 PM and 4:45 PM daily. Based strictly on traditional archery practices, this unique event sees 50 participants divided into two groups and aim their arrows at their chosen targets. The winning numbers are determined by the last two digits of the arrows that hit certain positions in each round.

Also known as Assam Teer or Guwahati Teer, this game ranks high among Indian Teer games along with Shillong Teer and Juwai Teer. Every day, a large crowd eagerly attends, participates and watches this event. Shooting Clubs management and betting processes are controlled by Cassi Hills. Participants who are able to correctly predict the numbers have a chance to win a large amount of money.

Khanapara Teer Result Live Today, January 26, 2024 :-

In conjunction with Kanapara Ter, The Result of the Ter offers a lottery-style game where ticket holders try their luck in the first and second rounds. The result is determined by the total number of arrows released in each round. This lottery lottery is officially recognized and operated under the supervision of the law as per the guidelines laid down in the Meghalaya Entertainment and Betting Tax Act.

Khanapara Teer Results Today 26 January 2024 :-

SHILONG Morning TEER result
R/R (10:30)S/R (11:30)
Juay Thier result today
R/R (1:50)S/R (2:40)
Shillong Thayer Result Today
R/R (3:40)S/R (4:40)
R/R (3:55)S/R (4:45)

Kanapara Tir result for previous days

The official website of this lottery game provides up-to-date results for both the ongoing live and previous day’s contests. Except Sunday, the site updates first round results at 4:10 PM and next round results at 4:45 PM every day. Apart from providing real-time updates, the platform also provides comprehensive details about the game, including its rules, historical context, frequently drawn numbers, past results and effective winning strategies.

For added convenience, we present the latest figures here. Users can effortlessly navigate through the tabs on the website to view today’s and previous days’ results. Additionally, visitors can choose to sign up for email or SMS notifications to get the latest updates. Below, you’ll find the recently announced winning numbers.

dayFRI (4:20 PM)Saturday (5:00 PM)
January 254030
January 249825
January 23644
January 229417
January 213919

Guwahati Kannapara TIR Result Live Streaming

In Guwahati, Kannapara stands out as a widely accepted activity, reflecting the vibrant cultural tapestry of Meghalaya. As the sun sets over the crowded city center, an international audience gathers to watch the live show. This exciting event takes place every day, except Sundays, in honor of deep-rooted traditions. Success in this game depends on a combination of correct aim and a great hand of luck when deciding on the winning number.

Set against the vibrant fabric of the city’s heritage and traditions, the Guwahati Games are controlled by the Kasi Hills Archery Sports Association. Combining centuries of accuracy with an element of luck, skilled archers shoot arrows at a distant target as competitors seek to predict two numbers in the range of 00 to 99. The winning players will remain anonymous until the results are announced.

What is Khanapara Teer?

In the charming city of Guwahati, the popular draw game Kanapara Ter attracts fans. Success in this game depends on making correct numerical predictions. To improve your chances of winning, here’s a basic strategy to guide your approach.

  1. Understand the basics of the game

Two matches will be played at Kannapara Ter every day.

In the first round, archers take aim and shoot arrows at a target. Your task is to predict the number of arrows that will hit the target correctly.

In the next round, arrows of higher proportions are aimed at the target, and your objective is to predict the proportion that will be successfully hit.

  1. Place your Wagers today

Your betting options range from 00 to 99.

Specify the amount you want to bet and select your preferred numbers. For example, if you predict that 45 arrows will hit the goal, you can place a bet on the number 45.

  1. Review the suggested results

Use the information provided to search the internet for scores and check the number of arrows that hit the target each round.

If your prediction is correct, victory is yours! The amount you win will affect both your odds and your odds.

  1. Collect your income

Collect your reward with confidence at any authorized dealer or Teer counter.

Exercise caution when engaging in gambling activities, especially when large sums of money are involved. Prior to investing significant financial resources, make it a priority to thoroughly understand the rules of the game. Avoid high-risk strategies, emphasize the importance of informed decision-making, and exercise caution against impulsive actions.