LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – RSV is filling hospital beds across the country. Children’s Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky is at capacity.

Kentucky Children’s Hospital officials say they have seen a sharp increase in RSV cases. Those patients are now taking up up to 40% of intensive care beds.

While RSV is a virus you see every respiratory season, doctors at Kentucky Children’s Hospital say it’s spreading earlier and faster than usual.

“The time we give infants is usually from November to March, the winter months,” said Tim Roark, manager of respiratory care. But it started early and now it’s a heavy burden.

Kentucky Children’s Hospital has been pushed to capacity by the virus and the bronchiolitis, which it is derived from.

Roark said he’s especially concerned about those under two years old because their airways are small to begin with. Roark also said their resources are stretched thin and they are considering bringing in more surgical beds to accommodate the situation.

Chief Medical Officer Lindsay Ragsdale believes this year will be different from others in the return to normality after the outbreak.

“We really try to get back to our normal social interactions, which are very important to children, as part of their social structure,” Dr. Ragsdale said. But germs are carried on our hands and on our children, that’s how they touch their world, and that’s where germs are transmitted.

Dr. Ragsdale says his hospital is also seeing cases of the flu. So, parents are being asked to take two simple steps during these winter months to prevent the spread of all these diseases.

“Make sure we all wash our hands because that’s how germs are spread,” Dr. Ragsdale said. “If your child is sick, keep them home from school or activities.”

Resources are stretched thin and Dr. Ragsdale said they are considering bringing in more surgical beds to deal with the situation. Therefore, they ask for patience while waiting to take care of those who come to the hospital.

Due to the increase in flu cases, Dr. Ragsdale encourages people to get a flu shot as soon as possible.


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