Search completed: After a year-long processKonami announced the grand prize winner an open call for indie developers to revive old series from the company’s back catalog. At Tokyo Game Show, we learned that Takumi Naramura, the director of La Mulana and La Mulana 2, will take the top spot as Konami plans to remake The Maze of Galious.

Originally released as a sequel to Knightmare for the MSX computer platform in Japan in 1987, Konami brought The Maze of Galious to the Famicom later that year. The side-scrolling RPG platformer introduced two protagonists, Popolon and Aphrodite, each with their own unique abilities, as they battle to break out of a monster-infested castle.

Galious Labyrinth can be described as a Metroidvania in modern terms, as the player explores interconnected rooms, earning experience points for defeating enemies and searching for power-ups and keys. The MSX version was released in Europe, but the Famicom version was never localized for the NES.

In a press release announcing the winners, competition jurors wrote that they could feel great passion for The Maze of Galious in Naramura’s initial submission, as he noted the strengths of the original game and the challenges involved in bringing it to a modern game. the audience. The release also included a comment from Naramura, where he said that if he hadn’t won the contest, “I probably would have kept quiet and built the game anyway.” Years before this contest, Naramura was open about his fandom for The Maze of Galious. He cites The Plant as a major influence.

At the time of the announcement, Naramura was on hand at the Tokyo Game Show and Visited IGN’s live stream to talk to us and show us what his Maze version of Galius might look like. “When this competition was announced, I was watching last year’s TGS,” Naramura said, “and I thought, ‘The Maze of Galious’ can’t be on the list.” But there it was! I hurriedly contacted my teammates to find out what we should do.” Naramura admitted that his interest in this particular title was a little out of the ordinary. “I think most people saw this list and went, ‘Gradius, that’s cool, Goemon, I like that.’ , so they may be disappointed with Galious’ selection.”

While Naramura’s entry won first place, four other developers also received awards for their ideas. Includes runners-up New versions of Star Soldier, Parodius, Twinbee and Pooyan. Elsewhere, we’ve learned that Konami RPGs Suikoden 1 and 2 are returning with new HD remasters.

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