Preparation for the second stage World of Warcraft: Dragonflyt’s pre patch, World of Warcraft servers will be down. Therefore, we will follow the maintenance schedule with live updates.

From the pre-expansion stage until now, players are doing their best to prepare themselves until the dragon-themed expansion arrives. World of Warcraft.

He is on his way to freedom Phase two of Dragonflight’s initial patch It will provide tons of content to hold players over until the expansion’s official launch on November 28th.

World of Warcraft Phase 2: Dragonflight’s initial patch is less than a day away. This means monitoring the maintenance schedule of the servers with live updates, checking the status of the servers and more.

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LATEST – WoW Dragonflight Pre Patch Phase 2 Released!

After eight hours of maintenance, Phase 2 of the Dragonflight pre-patch is finally here!

Players can now create and play Dracthyr Evokers, enjoy the new dungeon Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr, and participate in the official pre-patch event, Primal Storms.

Scroll down to learn more about everything available in Phase Two.

WoW Dragonflight Pre Patch Phase 2 Maintenance Schedule

World of Warcraft servers will be down for maintenance Tuesday, November 15, 2022. Treatment is expected to last eight hours 10:00 AM EST and ends 6:00 PM EST.

Phase two of Dragonflight's initial patch

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

NEW CONTENT: Phase two of Dragonflight’s initial patch brings new things to do

As always, the length of this server downtime is usually an estimate provided by Blizzard Entertainment, meaning that the servers may be operating before or after the time allocated by the developers.

Once the servers go live, players can expect all the content from the second phase of the pre-patch.

We will update this article if any problems, lags or more occur during server downtime.

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WoW Dragonflight Pre Patch Phase 2 Content

The content in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s initial patch was split into two phases, phase one and phase two.

Phase 1 focused on adding system and feature updates and updates like new Talent systemThe Heads-up Display User Interface (HUD UI) is changing and will introduce Accessibility Features as well as Rated Solo Shuffle and New Class and Race combinations.

Phase 2, on the other hand, focuses on new content that players can experience and play. It brings a new race, the Drachthyr and its race-specific class, the starting zone Evoker, Forbidden Conflict, a new dungeon, Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr, and an official pre-patch event. Primal Storms.

For more information about the second phase, including patch notes, visit the Dragonflight pre-patch phase two hub here.

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