Publisher Eastasiasoft will release Softstar Entertainment and CubeGame– developed life simulation game Sword and Fairy Inn 2 for Transition At the end of 2022, followed by PlayStation 5, Xbox series, PlayStation 4and Xbox One In early 2023, the company announced.

Sword and Fairy Inn 2 It was originally launched for PC via Steam on July 7.

Game review via Eastasiasoft:


Familiar faces on the other side The Sword and the Fairy the universe comes together to run an inn and build a happy life Sword and Fairy Inn 2sweet and casual life simulation RPG incorporating many game mechanics in an adorable chibi style! Run a family restaurant, find legendary kitchen items and trade special food items, grow crops, play mini-games and more. travel the world for! But above all, you need to make sure that your customers are satisfied with the services you provide, which will bring more people to the village and make your hotel a roaring success story.

As you run the inn, you’ll be able to assign specific roles to each character you meet and hire, and as you progress, you’ll learn more about each of your companions—their goals, personalities, skills, and often hilarious quirks. defects. It’s a simple take on the world of Swords and Fairy, comforting and familiar to longtime fans while also welcoming to newcomers.

Key Features

  • Run a restaurant, hotel, gardens, and more in an independent life simulation The Sword and the Fairy!
  • Explore the surrounding villages to collect special items and to cook products.
  • Meet characters from all over the world The Sword and the Fairy universe and recruit them as staff!
  • Grow your village as you attract more business and delight customers.
  • Celebrate the wide world The Sword and the Fairy in colorful chibi style.
  • Enjoy a variety of unique game mechanics and mini-games!

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