LUSAIL, Qatar – Every now and then, a game goes beyond its normal definition and begins to take on certain human characteristics. As it were, it defies, stuns, stuns, baffles, turns, and turns back on assumption after assumption. It grows into some life of its own – an unusual life and perhaps enjoys its own interests.

Then sometimes, it’s like with the endorphin festival World Cup final between Argentina and France On Sunday night in the empty din of Lusail Stadium, he pulls a trick the rest of the world can’t: He steps forward and immediately proves himself immortal.

That’s where the billion or so viewers are headed as Argentina and 35-year-old international hero Lionel Messi beat France and 23-year-old international hero Kylian Mbappé as they begin the hard work of preparing 4. -2 on penalty kicks after a 3-3 draw. This is what many of the 46 million Argentinians and 67 million French, and most of the rest of the world, can try to remember when it took them from 2-0 Argentina to 2-2 90 to 3-2 after 79 minutes. Argentina 108 to 3-3 after 120 to penalties. Here goes this whole class, breathes forward.

Lionel Messi earns World Cup glory as Argentina lead France to thrilling final

In cafes and barbershops and pubs and classrooms and tunnels, people can talk about a night when one manager, Lionel Scaloni, from Argentina, said, “The game was completely crazy,” and another, Didier Deschamps, from France, said, “We can talk about a night. He was able to come back from the dead.”

On top of that, it goes to June 2026, when the next Men’s World Cup starts in the United States, Mexico and Canada. After that event happened on the thumb of one country, it happened on a huge place, but what about that 2022 apocalypse? That phenomenon is expected to lack Messi, but he shines next to a French dynasty of young stars. The French How close 2026 was to an unprecedented third consecutive World Cup title, but then again, how about that 2022 final?

People far away may not even be able to pinpoint where it happened, which is a relief to those who wish it wasn’t here. With the controversial host From both charms and doubts.

On December 18, after three hours of play, fans celebrated Argentina winning the World Cup. (Video: Washington Post)

The crowd will be able to talk about how Messi won the trophy and the difference in his pursuit of five World Cups before the curtain begins to fall on it. You can talk about how Mbappé made the game a place where the losers are praised and the winners are praised, raising a glittering image of himself as a ground shaker, becoming the first man in the world to score a treble. After England’s Geoff Hurst’s final in 1966, her 81st-minute goal may provide the most memorable moment in this incredible frenzy.

“He can change the game in one moment,” Deschamps said earlier in the event, as France overcame a string of injuries to win the finals for the first time since Brazil in 1998. It was closed, and Deschamps was saying: “Kilian left his mark on this final. “Unfortunately, he didn’t leave it the way he wanted and that’s why he’s so upset.”

The frustration on that face lives on in our memories. That face told him so much.

Some – such as those in the Northern Hemisphere – in 120+3, that rare third minute stoppage time, Mbappé wanted to carry himself with everything on the line with a brutal move through the defenders. On the left side and in the box.

Before others – such as those in the southern hemisphere – could make a bigger deal than others, Argentine substitute Paulo Dybala cleared the ball.

‘Argentina perseveres’: emotional celebrations of World Cup victory in Buenos Aires

Among the geeks, there might be talk of good managerial decisions, such as Scaloni’s 34-year-old Angel Di Maria troubling France early on the left, resulting in a penalty and Messi scoring and hardly changing himself. Or maybe they will talk about the French substitutes in the 41st minute, which is Randall Kolo Muani, who is still 24 years old, and Marcus Thuram, who is still only 25 years old. Like Argentina’s Gonzalo Montiel – who in the 118th minute played the ball into his hands for a free-kick and Mbappe scored, while Messi postponed the win 10 minutes from time and looked like he had one – won that one. In the final penalty kick.

Some remember the intimidation and intimidation that followed after the break. Some remember others.

Those in the crowd remember how he ran on the streets of Argentina when he waited 36 years to run on the streets of Argentina. “Well, that’s too much,” Scaloni said as he helped give the Argentines. In difficult economic times. He added, “Our problems are not going anywhere; However, they will be a little happier, and that’s great.

But for the most part, long before the people of the planet have gone crazy for this sport, they will remember how the night finally turned to Messi, whose name has long appeared on the back of shirts around the world. They will remember how he went to his family and Argentina fans in Buenos Aires as if it sounded 8,300 miles away. You’ll remember how he was, hunting for international trophies in the Copa America in 2021 and the World Cup in 2022, the former, in front of a near-empty stadium in Rio de Janeiro, the latter in front of 88,966 in a new-born stadium on a whimper – Argentina last month here. She started from the other side of the stadium with a loud noise A stunning 2-1 loss to Saudi Arabia.

It is a funny planet that wishes peace of mind to hundreds of millions of world citizens and is seen on billboards on different continents. But that’s exactly what the world wanted to see in Messi, a familiar face after all these years of wizardry, and what the world saw after a match in its own unforgettable life.

World Cup in Qatar

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