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2024 Men’s NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships

Everyone takes a deep breath – it’s the first night of the 2024 Men’s Division I NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships. How lucky are we to have another week of fast swimming after the action at last week’s women’s meet?

Tonight is an easy session with just two events: the timed 200 medley and 800 freestyle relay finals.

Sequence of events:

  • 200 medley relay (top seed: Arizona State, 1:20.55)
  • 45 minutes break
  • 800 freestyle relay (top seed: Arizona State, 6:06.14)

The Sun Devils are the top seeds in both relays tonight as they swim each other. He broke the NCAA and US Open records at the PAC-12s with a 1:20.55. And that was the most terrifying (terrifying?) part of that show. Leon Marchand The fastest 50 was about five-tenths of a stroke. As the new-minter NCAA record holders with more room for improvement, Arizona State is the clear favorite heading into the meet.

But there are challengers: NC State lowered the American record in the event at the ACCs, surpassed only by Florida’s quarter minutes later. There are questions about both relay lineups, especially how the Gators choose to deploy Josh Leandro tonight. And then there are the Golden Bears, who are at full power this postseason for the first time after dispatching the likes (to name a few). Jack Alexi And Destin Lasco To Westmont Pro Swim.

Also staying up in the air—will we see a 20-20 back-to-back lead this year after being so close the past two seasons?

Similar questions surround the 800 freestyle relay. Texas Bubble’s 6:03.42 looks safe, but Marchand, Luke Hobson, Chris Guiliano, Or another major break Dean FarrisAre you leading 200 freestyle records? Texas, the defending champion, are in early heat, and fresh water can play to their advantage.

Arizona State is the top seed in the 800 freestyle relay, but Florida and Georgia are also seeded 2nd and 3rd at 6:06, making for another tight race.

200 Medley Relay – Timed Final

  • NCAA record: 1:20.55 – Arizona State (J. Dolan, L. Marchand, I. Caroun, J. Kulow), 2024
  • Meet record: 1:20.67 – NC State (K. Stokowski, M. Hunter, N. Korstanje, D. Curtiss), 2023.
  • American Record: 1:21.66 – Florida (A. Chaney, J. Smith, S. Buff, M. McDuff), 2024
  • US Open record: 1:20.55 – Arizona State (J. Dolan, L. Marchand, I. Karun, J. Kulow), 2024
  • 2023 Champion: 1:20.67 – NC State (K. Stokowski, M. Hunter, N. Korstanje, D. Curtiss), 2023

Top 8:

  1. Florida (A. Chaney, J. Smith, J. Liendo, M. McDuff) – 1:20.15 *NCAA, Meet, US Open Record*
  2. Arizona State (J. Dolan, L. Marchand, I. Karun, J. Cullow) – 1:20.55
  3. NC State (A. Hayes, S. Hoover, L. Miller, Q. McCarty) – 1:20.98 *American Record*
  4. Cal – 1:21.01
  5. Tennessee – 1:21.91
  6. Indiana – 1:22.10
  7. Stanford – 1:22.43
  8. Auburn – 1:22.57

What is the competition to start these championships; We’re only up one event and just saw our first NCAA record. Coming into this contest, Arizona State was the favorite. But the first half of the tournament showed that Florida, NC State and Cal refused to be the story.

Last year’s 200 fly champion Aiden Hayes To start the Wolfpack, he threw the fastest 50 backstroke in history, clocking a 20.07. Bjorn SeeligerIn the year 20.08 from 2022. That put the Wolfpack ahead of Florida with a 20.29 lead to take control of the final final. Adam Chaney and Cal 20.39 from Seeliger.

The Golden Bears had the lead at the halfway point thanks to another fastest split in history, the fifth straight since the start of the season. Liam Bell. Bell split 22.25, an off-pace Marchends split of two percent from 2023. Margand, who was in the water at the time, split 22.59 to pull the Sun Devils from 4th to 3rd.

Masters got 22.255 divided Julian Smith To make them run in the 2nd stage. and then, Josh Leandro– who broke this relay at SECs – had a thrilling exchange and a flurry that kept the Lords in the lead for the rest of the contest. Liendo turned in a fly split of 18.97, making him the second man to split sub-19. His split is now the second fastest.

It was like we were used to seeing. McGuire Macduff At anchor for the masters. He was paid 18.34, holding Johnny Clough.17.94 and McCarty’s 18.16 to take the win. The Gators swam 1:20.15, four tenths off the NCAA and US Open records that ASU set at the PAC-12s.

ASU’s 1:20.55 from the PAC-12s repeated here, giving them second place. Ilya Karun And Giving roses He touched at the same time after the legs of the fly, but the division of the kulou helped the sun devils to distinguish themselves. Kulow is now the third fastest swimmer in the 50 freestyle rolling split. Caleb Dressel And Vlad Morozov.

NC State High, touching 3rd. Sam Hoover (23:40) Luke Miller (19:35, and Quintin McCarthy (18.16) regained the American record. They held it briefly in the ACC sweep, but Florida took over 20 minutes later in the SEC sweep. He replaced all four legs of the 2023 NCAA title-winning relay in a still-record 3rd with the Wolfpack.

800 Freestyle Relay – Timed Final

  • NCAA record: 6:03.42 – Texas (L. Hobson, C. Carozza, P. Larson, C. Foster), 2024
  • Meet Record: 6:03.42 – Texas (L. Hobson, C. Carozza, P. Larson, C. Foster), 2024
  • American record: 6:03.42 — Texas (L. Hobson, C. Carozza, P. Larson, C. Foster), 2024.
  • US Open record: 6:03.42 — Texas (L. Hobson, C. Carozza, P. Larson, C. Foster), 2024
  • 2023 Champion: 6:03.42 – Texas (L. Hobson, C. Carozza, P. Larson, C. Foster), 2024

Top 8:

  1. Cal (G. Jett, D. Lasko, J. Alexi, R. Hansen) – 6:02.26 *NCAA, Meet, US Open Record*
  2. Arizona State (L. Marchand, H. Kos, P. Sammon, J. Hill) – 6:04.95
  3. Texas (L. Hobson, C. Carrozza, N. Germonprez, C. Taylor) – 6:05.33
  4. Florida – 6:08.00
  5. Georgia – 6:08.13
  6. Indiana – 6:08.26
  7. Louisville – 6:08.32
  8. Stanford – 6:08.77

Texas moved up from second to last. Heading to the Longhorns, Luke Hobson He came down Dean Farrisin the 200 freestyle in 1:29.13, shaving two-hundredths off Faris’ mark. As he led the Longhorns’ charge, Kobe Caroza (1:31:32) Nate Germonprez (1:32.05), and Camden Taylor (1:32.83) took advantage of the open water and put together a 6:05.33. That left them with one last remaining lead in the clubhouse.

Then it was Marchand’s turn. Last year, he led the Sun Devils’ relay in 1:28.43, the fastest 200 free split. He clearly set the NCAA 200 free record and led the way this year. One heat removed from Hobson’s swim heats, Marchand threw down an impressive diving time of 1:28.97 to become the first swimmer to break the 1:29 mark in the 200 freestyle. He holds the NCAA and US Open records and Hobson holds the American record.

Marchand’s impressive lead propelled Arizona State to its second sweep. But Destin Lasco He made it look like nothing. Over the next 200 yards, Lasko ate that lead for Cal and ran off their second swimmer. Hubert Cos He split in 1:29.60 to give the Golden Bears the lead at the halfway mark.

as a Jack Alexi Paid 1:30.50 and Robin Hanson Anchoring in 1:31:84, the quartet earned Cal’s first victory in the relay since 1986, when Texas tied the NCAA, meet and US Open records set the year before. Texas holds the American record as Hansen represents Sweden.

Arizona State’s Kos (1:32.29) finished second. Patrick Sammons (1:31.91), and Julian Hill (1:31.78) compiled a 6:04.95 to best ASU’s time from the PAC-12s. That was ASU’s second silver of the season.

Texas’ time from the second heat rose to third place. After that, it was incredibly tight with 4th through 9th separated by less than a second. Florida took 4th in 6:08:00, just 13 seconds ahead of SEC rival Georgia.

With both Florida and Cal finishing 1st and 4th, they are the co-leaders atop the standings with 70 points heading into Day 2. ASU is in 3rd place with 68 points just 2 points behind.

Results till day 1

  1. Florida/Cal – 70
  2. Arizona State – 68
  3. Indiana – 52
  4. NC State/Texas – 50
  5. Stanford – 46
  6. Georgia – 34
  7. Auburn – 30
  8. Virginia Tech/Tennis – 28
  9. Louisville – 24
  10. Michigan – 18
  11. Missouri/Alabama – 12
  12. Florida State – 10
  13. Ohio State – 6
  14. Texas A&M/SMU – 4
  15. UNC/Arizona – 2