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Ajax are very comfortable, and I’m sure, they will be happy with the draw. Who has Liverpool and Man United for the Europa League points?

Ajax send Sanchez to Rennes. He replaced Gabbari Mane in Munich. Correct option.

At frequency next to the corner, Matip gets away with a well-prepared first shot, followed by Van Dijk. Finally the ball goes wide and Matip has a good chance.

Jota missed a half chance and was replaced by Nunez. When Firmino comes on for Elliott.

“…must be writing a story about a great team in bad trouble early in the season…” emails NS. “Not really, it’s part of modern coverage in all kinds of papers these days, isn’t it? carry on.”

Oh no, not really. I’ve seen Liverpool get progressively worse, still very good overall, in three seasons, and unless you think their best defender’s crosses at 29 have a lasting impact, it’s hard to maintain a physical style. Then when Bob Marley says that no one can stop time, he’s as wrong as you are, you need to tell him that time isn’t really wrong.

Gorezka replaced Sabitzer and it was Torres who came to Rafinha – De Jong took Gavi’s place.

Pedri, jumping in and playing a one-two from Lewandowski; On the Newer and on the post it raises from eight meters. Barcelona had the right chances tonight.

“A line from a pop song that’s stuck in my head right now about Virgil van Dijk’s defense.” Carrie Tullinius ‘But he doesn’t see the danger in the event as if he were in another world,’ he said.

He replaced Rafinha at De Jong in Munich.. 2-0 down, Bayern away, 29 to go – big chance.

Back at Anfield, Liverpool are struggling and struggling. That said, Ajax looks pretty handy. Edson Alvarez looks like a player… and as I type that, he’s caught getting behind Jota.

The way Mazraoui plays, Pavard will struggle to get back into the Bayern squad.

Goal! Porto 0-3 Club Brugge (Olsen 52)

Brugge is first in Group B!

“It’s probably not a web-level level of insight,” Matt Turner enthuses. “But it seems to me that Liverpool have a semi-aging group of stars who are looking at the last World Cup in two months and don’t want to get injured and miss their last chance. That seems particularly important for Big Virg.”

I think that’s tough – I’d be surprised if they called him. I think they ran out of ways, and tFSG didn’t give Klopp the reinforcements he needed, because at the end of the day, they’re in it to make money, not to build the best team.

Goals! Bayern Munich 2-0 Barcelona (Sane 54)

He knocked Bayern out, kept it wide, then Musiala made a clever pass between two centre-backs wide apart, allowing Sane to slide between them and finish low over Ter Stegen. Bayern found the switch!

Bayern Munich player Leroy Sane scored his team's second goal.
Bayern Munich player Leroy Sane scored his team’s second goal. Photo: Alex Grimm/Getty Images

That goal got Bayern going. And now they are better teams.

“A little rough on Virgil?” Wonders Rich Delaney. “Matip should have covered the runner, left Virgil and managed the two.”

Yeah, maybe, but I’m still surprised that he let Bergwijn get between him and Qudus so easily.

Goal! Bayern Munich 1-0 Barcelona (Hernandez 50)

Hernández lost Alonso at the near post corner and charged a free header past Ter Stegen. Barca will feel very bad, because they should already be clear.

Bayern Munich's French defender Lucas Hernandez scored a goal.
Bayern Munich’s French defender Lucas Hernandez scored a goal. Photo: Kerstin Joensson/AFP/Getty Images

Goal! Porto 0-2 Club Brugge (Sowah 47)

Belgians are in dreamland!

Bergwijn went down to the right Tiago cuts to Kudus, who is touched and misplaced because Sala doesn’t know he’s on him. Liverpool then went straight to the other end and Jota headed high above Alvarez.

And off we went again. Everywhere else too.

And within seconds Bayern gave the ball away. Rafinha is taking it on a hammer width.

We will go again in Munich…

“I said maaaaybeh, I really don’t want to know…”

Van Dyck Oasis
Kudus van Dijk scores a goal. Photograph: Martin Ricketts/PA

Half-term correspondence; “Van Dijk needs to stop thinking he can defend with blues and make attackers afraid of him again by getting his hands dirty,” tweeted Orlando Moore, “especially when we have wing-backs like Trent (not exactly known for his defensive skills).”

At his age, it’s tough to come back from an ACL injury, and he doesn’t have a steady partner with him, and he doesn’t have great protection up front. But I agree, it wasn’t physical when Kudus let him get away with it.

Half time: Liverpool 1-1 Ajax

Liverpool took the lead but Ajax hung on well and got a brilliant equaliser. It should be the second half polite.

other half-times

Porto 0-1 Club Brugge

Bayern Munich 0-0 Atletico Madrid

Marseille 0-1 Eintracht Frankfurt

Half time: Bayern Munich 0-0 Barcelona

Barcelona had the better half. Gavi and Pedri are absolute money, and Lewandowski was on it, his team may already be out of sight.

Goal! Marseille 0-1 Eintracht Frankfurt (Lindstrom 1)

The atmosphere at the velodrome goes up another level.

Matip cut into Diaz in the middle, and found Alexander-Arnold free on the right. He cuts inside, works the angle of the shot, skins an effort… but it’s straight at Passover, who saves the follower. “He hit that well,” Steve McManaman said in co-comms.

Gavi and Pedri are leading Bayern. The latter picked out a superb ball from outside the box to Lewandowski before his partner fell for his first touch.

“Thiago is such a talent he can cut you in the phone box.” Gary counts the door. “(Young Readers, Ask Your Parents).”

Unlike Seyed Benrahma, who can, nutmeg a mermaid told us.

“Bayern faced my club Stuttgart this weekend, and it was a bit strange,” said Kari Tullinius. Their gameplay felt unbalanced. There was a moment, when they were 1-0 up and Kimmich made a stunning dive to head the Stuttgart goal. It was then unusually overturned by VAR, and Bayern’s players didn’t seem surprised. Because the team is used to things not going as planned, they take unnecessary risks. It often works, but not always. Both of Stuttgart’s goals came from Bayern errors and the match ended in a draw.

Yes, I bet they can win the Bundesliga like Man United in 96-97 or 00-01 without the full focus, but eventually they will show up in Europe. I also think Nagelsmann is struggling to balance his side.

Sa’ad! Van Dijk dives for a free-kick as Alexander-Arnold takes a corner, but once there he should have done better than steer his effort low… but it’s close to Passover who makes a good stop.

Watching Barca in Munich, as I have been for the past few months, I wonder if we want to see a big increase. Champions League Levels. I think there are better teams in the final few this season than ever before, and they all have good strikers but I’m not sure they’re all at the back.

“Nice to see Mo is starting to get his mojo,” Colum Fordham emails. “The goal should give him the confidence to rediscover his inner Mo (Joe?). I’m also excited to see how Timikas steps into Robertson’s boots.”

I think he is a good player and if Tsimikas played on the right side he would have started tonight.

That goal was not really coming But Ajax have many strikers and Liverpool are not that difficult to score easily. Once again their defense turned over a runner and again Van Dijk let his man get away from him.

What a goal! Liverpool 1-1 Ajax (Qudus 27)

It was all Liverpool but Ajax pulled them back down the left, Blind found Alvarez on the left and ran past Alexander-Arnold. Back to Kudus, pulling on Van Dijk as Bergwijn does too well to get in between…then Kudus. A whip Beautiful finish in the nearby post and outside bar! What a talent! What a look! What a game we have now!

Holy honors.
Holy honors. Photo: Ian Stephens/ProSports/REX/Shutterstock

Another impressive clearance from Alisson finds Tsimikas high and wide as you’d expect. His cross is also good, but at the near post, Salah can’t force a shot on target.

The cover cut back to see Van Dijk knock in a cross – I think following a corner – that Diaz runs wide, stretching Passover to the line. Then Thiago Jota, who is doing well here, has a shot.

Gosh Lewandowski misses another chance! Bayern are struggling here, and they’ve sent Pavard to the farm, who I think is injured.

Goals! Liverpool 1-0 Ajax (fault 17)

He wanted it, and they needed it! Diaz flips Alisson into the middle and suddenly Jota finds someone… and it’s Salah! He slips it and, although the first touch is perhaps a little difficult, it also makes the keeper, which allows Sala to extend the ball at the near post for a headed finish. That’s a very clever finish.

Mohamed Salah scored.
Mohamed Salah scored. Photo: Peter Powell/EPA

Aeesh, Gavi plays a nice pass on Lewandowski’s trip and his first touch is a treat. He heads the ball over the bar… sitting for a stretched-volley. I didn’t expect to see that.

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