A peer-reviewed study found that the fourth CV-19 vaccine reduced the mortality rate of the most vulnerable in Israel by 72 percent.

The findings are based on a large Israeli study that examined data on elderly people who received four bullets in nursing homes compared to those who took only three. It took place during last summer’s cholera epidemic, which was controlled by the Omicron variety.

A fourth study of Pfizer vaccine at Tel Aviv University, Ben Gurion University, and the Ministry of Health reduced the risk of hospitalization in Kovid by more than 60% and reduced the risk of infection by 34%. it was Published In the journal, JAMA Internal Medicine.

“The fourth most important message here is to protect the elderly,” says Kitam Muhsin, professor of epidemiology at Tel Aviv University, one of the authors of the study. “The fourth bullet reduces hospitalization and death – they are life-saving.

The results are very good and very reassuring, especially before the fourth dose, we did not know if it would help, especially since vaccines with oxycodone are much harder, because it has more mutations than before. Variants “

According to Muhsin, the results will be approved by Israel in December for the fourth round, as well as the so-called second incentives, ahead of most others around the world.

“They are proving that the policy of the State of Israel is right,” she said. “The decision to vaccinate at-risk people is a wise choice that has saved many lives.”

A health worker is preparing to administer the CV-19 vaccine at Kathrin, Golan Heights, January 9, 2022 at the Clinic Health Service. (Michael Gilead / Flash 90)

The study included about 40,000 elderly Israelis living in facilities under the control of the Ministry of Health’s Senior Shield Program, and was initiated by the Israeli government to prevent and control COVID-19 in the country’s nursing facilities.

Of the 24,088 residents of the senior shield facility who received the fourth Pfizer vaccine, 19,687 were vaccinated against 19,687 residents who had been vaccinated in the first three months of the four months or more before the follow-up, but chose not to receive the fourth vaccine.

Muhsin comments: “As we have learned, the immune system has been weakening over time, and the fourth dose strengthens the antibodies to more than a third. I strongly recommend that older people take the fourth dose.

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