If Evolution is the first real game in the history of Eric Ten Hag Manchester United The project, which ended in a 3-0 victory over Bangkok Liverpool, was a turning point in this Dutch opening game.

Of course not. And this could not be the case if the 10 Hague, who change 10 players every half hour, are not the kind of coaching magic that J ጀrgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have. This was also the first pre-race competition. LiverpoolAnd the Germans were half-baked and in front of goal, with United winning 4-0 in a good performance.

The manager provided an objective review. “We are satisfied today because I think that was the team. [ours] With a great spirit and we know we are just getting started and things have gone wrong, ”said Ten Hug. “We made some mistakes – trust me, I saw a lot of mistakes. We believed in some goal opportunities but we created a lot. Our team played bravely, they played actively. We have to work hard to avoid the mistakes but we are happy with the first game.

Although the sticker was not sold, Rajamangala Stadium was a dream come true for Ten Hag. Every four-man United defender has always been close, but there is hope for the future.

Example: Isaac Mabaya’s invasion of the right-back corridor did not leave Luke Shaw anywhere and he had to be tattooed on his toe by David de Hia. Another defender, Tyler Morton, slipped to the left and hit the ball before De Bruno Fernandez fired home.

Liverpool's Mohamed Salah is trying to stop Manchester United's new signing Tirel Malasi.
Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah is trying to stop Manchester United’s new signing Tirel Malasi. Photo die Rungroj Yongrit / EPA

Each of these was a quick break. Although United’s construction was much easier than in the past, Guardiola was close to the geometric style of Manchester City and when it hit, it was exactly what Ten Haug wanted.

Jadon Sancho finds Anthony Marshall, who fed Scott McTomine, who used the ball again. Fernandez Diagonal stepped in, approved Mabaya’s license, and Sancho was driving over Allison to finish what he had started.

In the first half, Diogo Dalit, Rafael Varane, Victor Lindloff and Luke Shaw, all four of whom were read in the first half, were amazed at how far this section was played. Fabio Carvalho and Luis Diaz were each approached by a ridiculous red-shirt montage with a powder-puff maktomine head, only a goal frame equalized.

United’s line-up could have been out of contention last season before the January Marseille loan and the long-awaited departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. This retro sentiment was rarely desired by Ten Hag, but only by Tyrel Malasia was his choice of Hobson. The extra 52-year-old was able to get his first look at a team that had failed miserably when he was 35 points away from City, with Capt. Harry Maguire reaffirmed in his absence.

Monday night’s training was helpful. When it came to player drilling, the movement was negligent with excessive rotation, midfield, minimalist play, or total attacking and defensive competition. Probably the reason why Varan and Lindloff were in the 18-yard line at Liverpool was that Fred lost the ball after some early Sancho tackles.

Bruno Fernandez and Manchester United boss Eric Teng Hag won the trophy after beating Liverpool.
Bruno Fernandez and Manchester United boss Eric Teng Hag won the trophy after beating Liverpool. Photo: Chalinee Thirasupa / Reuters

Sancho was United’s best player. One snare behind his ankle with the other foot “Oh!” Although Mactomini can’t do two, like the following cross. Fred crowned another impressive sequence. This is what Maktomini, Fernandez and Sancho threw the ball into place. Marseille were fouled by Joe Gomez, but Alison was fouled by Fred.

It’s half past one. Klopp made the first 10 changes and the new team (Bar Allison) immediately broke down. Rhys Williams gathered in a Marshall pocket and was once hit by a United chip as the guard pushed.

For the second half, Ten Hag changed 10 outsiders (replaced Klopp Allison for Adrian) This configuration by Donnie Van de Bick averaged a false 9; Center-back left-back Alex Tells; And first- and left-back Malasia in the right place. Malasia Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain shows a razor when it hits the ball.

Klopp’s last constellations, Andy Robertson, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Virgil Van Djik, Tiago Alcantara, Mohamed Salah and Darwin Nunez were in attendance. But before Eric Bailey hit the ball, it was Tom Hill, a young man who wanted to hit Eric Bailey and hit the Tiago.

Nunez’s contribution was saved by Tom Haten and a late chance, but as Liverpool approached Pepper United, their overall report card was “muted”.

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Not so for Ten Hag and his men. Fakundo Pelistry took over and finished the ball with Amad Diallo.

But, as the new verse 1 puts it, this is a very small beginning. “Liverpool play in three teams,” said Ten Hagg. “They weren’t strong, so we don’t have to anticipate this result. We have to be careful.

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