A dark fantasy mystery adventure game Master Detective Archive: RAIN CODEformerly known as Enigma Archives: RAIN CODEwill start for Transition In the spring of 2023, publisher Spike Chunsoft and developer Too Kyo Games announced.

Here’s an overview of the game through it official site:


A brand new dark fantasy detective action game from the minds behind it Danganronpa series!

An amnesiac detective in training, Yuma, and his haunting spirit Shinigami solve unsolved mysteries in a strange city caged by endless rain.

Master Detectives vs. Megacorporation

Rain City, under the complete control of a megacorporation, is filled with countless unsolved mysteries. Master detectives from around the world, each with their own unique powers, must fight to uncover the truth. With Shinigami by his side, Yuma joins the investigation as a trainee of the detective agency. Travel freely through the city’s full 3D environment to collect evidence and statements.

Enter the Mystery Labyrinth, a unique and unusual puzzle solution Experience!

As the investigation progresses, a realm known as the Mysterious Labyrinth will emerge and create a path to the truth. Once inside, the secrets hiding the affair materialize as tricks and traps lie in wait to consume Yuma. The rules of reality don’t apply here: delve into the ever-changing Mysterious Labyrinth and get to the heart of the matter.

Check out the new trailer below. Check out the new set of screenshots in the gallery.




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