Pixel Watch design teaser from Google it went up last week certainly excited some of us. It’s clear that Google has spent a lot of time refining the look of its first smartwatch to give it a unique yet premium style. By no means does that mean it’s perfect. The most common (and obvious) complaint stemming from this video was the size of the watch’s bezel, prompting at least one of our readers to call it the “Pixel Watch (Bezel Edition).”

As funny as that moniker is, my friend wasn’t wrong – the bezel didn’t look amazing, especially in the frame of the watch with the numbers at every 5 minute marker. In fact, it made the watch look like it had an excessive amount of bezels that we haven’t seen since the early days of smartwatches.

And today Google released a similar video (here) to the definitely edited Google Taiwan channel from the video we saw last week this reddit user. In almost every shot of the watch face, the face itself is enlarged and a visual image of a smaller frame is created. You can see this below in the GIF we made to showcase each video’s preview.

Google Pixel Watch Bezel

Good news, right? Or are we now wondering which video is the correct description? I guess we won’t really know until the watch is official and we see it in person.

Thankfully, it will be on October 6. Hurry up, time.

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