James Mackan is back on the roster for the second time this season, and the Buck Showalter expects the Mets home runner to miss at least 10 days.

Makan He suffered a concussion On Saturday 10-Ining Marlins sixth round of tags. He spent more than six weeks at IL with a broken arm before he woke up on June 25. Patrick Mazeika has been called up from Triple-A Syracuse to support Thomas Nidon in Sunday’s City Field final.

“This is not all [IL] Time. ይ It will last longer than 10 days, ”Schulter said earlier Sunday. They lost 2-0 in Miami. “It’s obvious to the team, but I’m upset about it.

“The coaches were talking about it. I don’t know if they’ve met someone who works hard to get back from gossip [injury]. I know Mack is very upset [Saturday] In the evening, he wanted to get some different news. But what these people do for a living is natural. ”

Mets hunter James McCain suffered a careless injury for making the mark on Saturday's sixth innings.
Mets hunter James McCain suffered a careless injury for making the mark on Saturday’s sixth innings.
Robert Sabo
James Macken (L) is on the injury list.
James Macken (L) is on the injury list.

“The Mets have really got some good news,” Schalterter said in an MRI scan of Saturday’s game.

“We look at it day-to-day and I hope it’s not too long,” Schulter said.

Marte, who was one of four players selected for the NL All-Star team on Sunday.

“Everything went well,” said a translator. “I’ve been feeling like this for two days now and I think I can play with it. I am still receiving some treatment, but I hope to be there as soon as possible.

Online player Kramer Robertson was at the club before the game and could wake up on Monday to replace Jeff McAnell, who has been given paternity to give birth to his first child after the game. Robertson’s mother, Kim Mulki, is the head coach of the LSU women’s basketball team.

Showalter Mets announces Jacob deGrom’s program. The third minor league started After coming to the side on Monday. ጪ Foreign player Travis Jancowski is expected to rejoin the Mets in Atlanta. “That’s the plan, but we’ll see how it goes,” Schulter said. “You want to laugh at the baseball gods. Tell him about your plans.”

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