One of the annual products released Major League Baseball All-Star Game Details List of all-star snubs. And Let’s not despair, 2022, so let’s take a look at the players who have been watching themselves – at least at this point – despite having a convincing offer to get to Dodge Stadium.

Injury replacement a Bris HarperDespite being injured, DH is still listed as an NL starter, unable to walk. We know William Contreras It takes place as a beginner, but there is still an open list space.

These players are still big players until Sunday night.

American League

Thai France, Sailors

A wrist injury has recently hit France a bit, but he has returned and is down 30. / 377 / .460 by 15 times, 10 Homers and 45 RBI in 74 games this season.

Anthony Rizo, Yankees

A low hitting average kills a lot, but Rizo is one of the league’s top leaders with 22 homers and 54 RBI while he is one of the best attacking players in baseball.

Corey Seager, Rangers

The average of .245 and .317 on-base percentage is the reason he is not in the team, but Siger has 19 home runs.

Trevor History, Red Sox

He is, on average, worse than Seger and ObiP, but history has produced 55 home runs, scored 46 times, entered the house 15 times and stole 10 bases.

JD MartinezRed Sox

He is nowhere near the force he used, but Martinez has re-invented himself as a batting average and is surprisingly fruitful on the board, hitting .312 / .380 / .486.

Kevin Gaussman, Blue Jay

With 16 starts, Gausman has 2.86 ERAs and 100 strikes in 88 innings.

Robbie RaySailors

Ray turned to Asse, but it may be too late to speculate. The Working Horse leads AL with innings and face-to-face beatings. He has 0.91 ERA and 46 strikes in 39 2/3 innings in the last six starts.

Logan GilbertSailors

Hey, we can still use the record, right? Gilbert is 10-3! It has 2.80 ERA, 1.17 WHIP and 100 strikes in 106 innings.

Stop Dylan, White socks

The walks have to do. Stop navigating the main ones with 43 free passes. He won 133 in 92 innings and has 2.45 ERA (161 ERA +).

Michael KingYankees

He alone was very important to the Yankees in the multi-incarceration role, especially after their defeat Chad Green For the year. In 20 overseas trips, King made 46 1/3 innings, to 2.33 ERA and 0.99 WHIP with 62 hits.

National League

Josh Bell, Citizens

It is reasonable for the Nats to have one player on the team. That’s a player. John Soto It makes sense. But Bell is beating .304 / .386 / .491 with 19 runs, two thirds, 12 homers, 47 RBI and 44 runs. He had a big problem.

Freddie Freeman, Dodgers

Part of the case with Bell and Freeman was a crowded place, b Rockies Needs a representative and CJ Crown Being their best choice. Freddie Freeman .304 / .381 / .444 is losing by 11 homers and 54 RBI, but he is spending another Freddie Freeman season. It was very important in the middle of the Dodgers order because they dealt with injuries and some frustrating work.

Austin Riley, Good

He is hitting .282, which is currently the highest, with 23 home runs and 56 RBI. Strong people, right?

Francis Linder, Mets

The .239 / .316 / .421 slash is not overly impressive, but Lindor is a statistical monster with 15 homers, 60 RBI, 50 runs and nine steals.

Brandon Drury, red

I thought the Reds representative would be Drury, but instead Pitcher was starting. Louis Palace. Drury is a 29-year-old adult. That would be a good story.

Brian Reynolds, Pirates

We will hear more about him as a business candidate in the coming weeks. If the pirates treat him, some team will get a completely lower star. He was guilty of slow start here, but he was one of the best players in the league in June and July.

Aaron Nola And Zack Wheeler, Phyllis

To this point, Nola is one of the best riders in the league with 111 1/3 innings. In the 3.15 ERA and 0.93 whips, he hit 120 in 14 unintentional walks. Wheeler 8-4 with 2.46 ERA, 1.05 WHIP and 104 hits in 95 innings. It is a pair for the Phi · lisሶችtines, but both are closed here.

Carlos Rodon, Giants

He has 17 starts, 2.70 ERA, 1.06 WHIP and 124 shots in 32 innings in 100 innings. Its 2.13 FIP NL leads.

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