Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came and brought with it several problems that needed to be solved. That means the game’s first full week has been full of patches, including one that disabled weapon tuning, another that re-enabled it, and a huge patch to prevent crashes.

A few days ago, the developer Infinity neighborhood Weapon tuning had to be disabled, allowing players to more carefully adjust the stats of their weapons using a number of customizable attachments. But thanks to an update from Thursday night, the system has been rebooted and is now working as intended again.

Meanwhile, Infinity Ward released a patch on Friday that fixes a number of issues causing crashes for players on all platforms, and it should improve stability. Infinity Ward also said that the latest update will fix some frame rate and freezing issues, as well as some lag issues.

The slightly odd part of the patch is its overall size. according to CharlieIntel on Twitter, the update was less than a gigabyte on PC and PlayStation, while Xbox users were hit with up to a 50GB install. It’s not clear why the Xbox version is so big or what the differences are.

For now, it looks like Infinity Ward is holding on Modern warfare 2‘s updates focused on performance rather than balance, but balance changes are also on the way. In Friday’s patch notes, the developer explains that he plans to spend the next few weeks monitoring the performance of all apps. Modern warfare 2‘s weapons and will release a major balance patch at the start of the game’s first season.

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