More than 40 minutes of Diablo IV footage has apparently been shared online.

As noted and shared by a Reddit user iV1rus0the footage consists of two clips, one lasting 5 minutes and the other 38 minutes.

It’s still unclear who leaked the footage and why it was shared, but the discussion that can be heard in the shorter video implies that the person recording the footage is not the one playing the game.

Instead, it appears that the player was posting his footage online – possibly via Discord – and others were watching.

Diablo IV: Developer Gameplay Showcase

The video has multiple watermarks that say “Private Test Setup” along with an ID number that probably makes it easier. A blizzard determine who posted the footage and take appropriate action.

While it’s unclear how the person gained access to the game, a shared theory is that it could be related to the game. ‘friends and family’ alpha testing continues since last month. So the streamer may be associated with a Blizzard employee.

But what is clear is that the now leaked footage was recorded by someone else watching them play.

As the shorter video begins, one person (with distorted voice) can be heard asking another: “Are you watching Skye now? Now look at Skye.”

“Why are we watching Skye? What is he playing?’ asks the second person, who also understands what is being conveyed. “This isn’t Diablo IV,” they say with obvious disbelief.

“It is,” replies the first person.

Video embedded from Files.Fm

As the footage continues to play, it becomes clear that the people watching the video don’t recognize the streamer. One viewer asks, “Who is this guy,” and another replies, “I don’t know, but I’ve been following him for a while.”

“So was this coordinated or did he just come in here and start broadcasting it?” asks an audience member.

“Just walked in,” replies another.

This is the second apparent leak of a big game in 24 hours, following Sunday’s big game. Grand Theft Auto 6 leak. But the main difference is that Blizzard has shown footage of Diablo IV in the past, while GTA 6 has never been seen before.

images from Diablo 4‘family and friends’ alpha it was also shared last month before falling. However, these screenshots showed more of the character customization, game creation, and difficulty selection screen than the actual gameplay.