Playstack left action RPG Mortal Shell: Complete Edition for Transition through Nintendo eShop For $29.99.

Mortal Shell originally launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Epic Games Store August 18, 2020, followed by March 4, 2021 via PlayStation 5 and Xbo Series and PC Steam and GOG August 18, 2021.

Mortal Shell: Complete Edition includes the base game, the content update “Rotten Autumn” and the downloadable content “The Virtuous Cycle”.

Here’s a review of the game, via

First time, Mortal Shell: Complete Edition bundles all content updates and downloadable content into one giant package.

Includes Mortal Shell: Complete Edition game-changing expansion “The Virtuous Cycle” – brand new naughty A mode that brings random and repetitive brutality to Fallgrim.

And there’s Hadern, once your difficult teacher, now as masterful as you Mortal Shell‘s fifth possible and playable character.

Mortal Shell: Complete Edition also introduces the Rotten Autumn content update, which adds unique Shell shades, a new mini-quest, a powerful new photo mode, and an alternative boss fight soundtrack from black metal band Rotting Christ.

Check out the launch trailer below.

Play the trailer

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