Including business talks Kevin Durant. And Kerry Irving All of the league’s top managers have gathered in Las Vegas, but they write that they have stayed New York Post Brian Lewis. Of Nets “They are determined to be patient and will not leave both players without getting what they want,” Lewis added.

Lewis described any Durant conversations as “just on the stage and probably not too difficult.” He states that Brooklyn was initially focused on moving Durant because the Lakers It seems to be the only real market for Irving and the Nets had to take it again Russell Westbrook$ 47 MM salary, which may limit flexibility in Durant contract.

Rumors Which includes Warriors Lewis commented that it seemed to be cold as Durant’s resting place. Stephen K.R. Indirectly, he referred to the situation on Saturday and rejected the “rumor mill” and said, “I like where we are now.”

Here are a few more notes related to Durant and Irving.

  • Whatever the outcome, Lewis added, the Durant era will be remembered as a “catastrophic failure” for the Nets administration. A separate piece. Although the process could take weeks or even months, Luis Durant and Irving do not believe they can eventually play for Brooklyn again. Raptors Not divided with Scott Barnes By Durant agreement.
  • According to ESPN’s Adrian Weinarowski (ASPN), the Nets and the groups they are talking to are working to bring Durant’s business together.Twitter linkHe added that there is no guarantee that an agreement will be reached before the end of the summer season. “If you’re a net, you know how far some teams go.” Wojnarowski said. “And if you feel like you have gone as far as you can go, is that enough for Kevin Durant? Because in any case, you may not value Kevin Durant. There is no agreement that you can say, ‘Hey, we want this.’ You can only get the best of it. You can expect it.
  • Durant is unwilling to listen to recruiters from other leagues around the league, according to a recent post by Yahoo Sports Correspondent Chris Haynes. Podcast. Apart from occasional posts on Twitter, Durant says he has no contact with anyone outside the club. “Many stars were trying to connect with him to choose his mind to see if he considered other ways.” Heins said. “I just want to know what he thinks. … KD is dark. He does not tell anyone. Not answering anyone’s phone calls, not answering text messages, KD is dark.
  • The Lakers may be divided on whether they want to finish Irving, says Orange County registrar Kyle Gon at the Athletic NBA show. Podcast. He heard his side. Libron James He wants to trade for Irving, but they prefer to try to get their other assets in the company Buddy Hield And Miles Turner From Passers.

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