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James Harden Will re-sign with Philadelphia 76ers On a two-year contract with the player selection in the second season, according to Shams Charnia. The agreement Represents Deduction of $ 15 million from the highest salary a player could have earned this season. Harden arrived in Philadelphia last season with a blockbuster deal Brooklyn Nets B Ben Simon, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond And draft choices.

While his stay in Philadelphia got off to a good start, the season ended in a tragic fashion for the former MVP. The blast appears to have been triggered by injuries and good weather in Brooklyn and the team’s defeat at the end of the season. Miami heat, Hardon tried just two balls in the second half and the 76s fell on the field. Considering his age (August 33), many speculate that Harden will no longer offer a significant contract.

He’s still getting one, but the pay cut he’s taking allows the 76ers to have the flexibility they need to sign earlier. Rockets Teammate PJ Tacker Special for non-taxpayer intermediate and Daniel House Junior. Two-year special. Many players talk about winning big money. Hardon is really doing it here.

In fact, with that player’s choice, he is getting more and more financial security. Both Nets and Rockets offered Harden long extensions, but he was rejected on both fronts. This allowed him to move to the 76ers, and as his value plummeted, taking a multi-year deal, even with a small discount, reduced some of the risk of further recession.

Hardon 76 hopes that the decline will last for a while. Joining the team that was the MVP candidate before Tucker and House Joel EmbiidGlitter star Tyrese Maxey And the current top player Tobias Harris, Healthy and engaged Hardon can still take them to the playoffs. The 76s have a short title window in front of them. He is helping to raise the Harden Agreement.

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