Capcom only released the Marisa vs Manon match

Eager Street Fighter fans got a chance to see Street Fighter 6’s newest characters in action, but it looks like the publisher has cracked the unofficial reruns for the bunch.

Capcom has now taken it down SF6 compatible videos with Manon, Marisa, JP, Dee Jay, Dhalsim and Blankabut we’ve got all the highlights from the reveals and stills – although they’ve officially released the set between Manon and Marisa.

Many YouTube users have reportedly been hit with copyright strikes and their videos have been removed from the platform entirely.

This wasn’t a completely unexpected move considering the SF6 showcase was included as part of the Street Fighter League Pro-JP Grand Finals event, a pay2view broadcast that fans had to purchase tickets for, but not everyone was aware of the source. Unfortunately.

This doesn’t mean that match footage is completely gone, though, as Capcom is likely planning to release official footage on various dates and during the Grand Finale on YouTube on January 27th.

So let’s go over each character to discuss what we learned from seeing the new SF6 characters in action.

Manon has a large reach to some of her normal features thanks to her long limbs, and her movement seems quite fast and agile for a grappler-type character.

At least one of her Overdrive team holds has hit invulnerability, given that Mano hits one of Marisa’s Drive Rush kicks with no effect, though we don’t know if this trait is related to her medal level.

His medal level increases with landing grapples performed between rounds (max 5) and increases the damage taken by the team and seems to offer them new features such as fusion.

Manon can be seen performing a raw Drive Rush in a team grab that beats Marisa’s push button attempt, so it looks like we got a look at how grapplers can use the mechanic to their advantage.

As mentioned before, Marisa has at least 2 special moves that give her armor properties between her charged projectile and her special stance, during which she will still have a gray life, but her Driver Size is not affected.

His stance gives him a brief flash where he can perform a variety of follow-up options, including pushing the opponent back with his arms or a quick grab that does a lot of damage.

Given that she’s a great brawler, Marisa’s moves seem a little slower than average to begin with, which can make her more vulnerable to misses or Drive Reversals, even though she seems to have decent pressure tools.

Marisa’s level 3 Super Art pushes the opponent into a corner from any distance, which puts her in a great position for oki and Drive Impact.

Like Oro, JP primarily fights with his left hand behind his back, although he does break his hand to perform his Psycho Power abilities.

However, his cane offers him great range in punching norms, so he plays very much in the zone trap character archetype.

JP can summon multiple portals using the Overdrive version of the special program and disable them in sequence for additional lock-on capabilities.

Accessing JP is crucial to keeping him from going insane, but he gets extra mobility by teleporting into his portals.

We also get a brief glimpse of his 2nd Super level, apparently summoning multiple clones / spirits that fly from above towards the opponent.

Blanka’s OD Beast Roll has full projectile invincibility, it can be combined into an OD Up Beast Roll if it hits as a Penalty Counter, and it still seems like an invincible turn in SF6.

His level 2 Super gives him a setup similar to the V-Trigger 2 in Street Fighter 5, which allows Blanka to perform chase rolls in the air for a set amount of time, likely making him safe on block.

Blanka-chan’s trap has significant startup attached to it, so the new move may not be very useful outside of oki situations.

Perhaps scariest of all, however, is that Blanka is shown dashing down the slide, allowing him to hit you mostly from full-screen with low volume.

Dee Jay can now fake his fireball shot, which can be saved for later use, and the Air Slasher fires 2 projectiles in a row without spending a meter.

His Dread Kicks have been reworked to give them more combo possibilities, with the light version being especially fast.

The new sway stance greatly increases his mobility and shimmy with multiple follow-up options to retreat or advance on the opponent.

Dee Jay’s level 1 Super is a bit unique because it’s a single hit that puts the opponent in a crushed state, so it’ll be useful as a combo extender.

Many of Dhalsim’s regular attacks have been changed since SF5, some are taken from older names and some are completely new, giving him a new scope.

Yoga Flame is now thrown flat screen again and can be performed in mid-air, which sends the projectile diagonally down.

Dhalsim’s walk speed and teleport seem pretty fast, and his Yoga Float returns better than ever with additional air options from SF5.

He still has a lot of wounds on his extended limbs, so he can be punished for sniffing or errant attacks.

We’ll get a better look at these new matches once Capcom has at least officially released them all, but let us know in the comments if there are any more interesting notes you’ve seen while watching them.

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