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As the NFL continues to expand, NFL Network will continue to churn out more material.

According to TheAthletic.com’s Andrew Margand, Melissa Stark, Andrew Siciliano, James Palmer and Will Selva Released by NFLN..

“As is normal business this year, we are reviewing our talent roster for the upcoming 2024 season and beyond,” NFL Network spokesman Alex Rittmiller told Marchand. We extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to these talents, their hard work and their contributions to NFL Media.

That’s the NFL’s standard response to being fired. It’s normal. It is natural. It’s normal.

There is nothing normal, natural, or normal about what happens on NFL Network. The league moved the popular morning show from one coast to the other, all in an effort to cut costs. In the interim, the show has been off the air – for months. Less than a month from the draft, for crying out loud.

They try to pretend that everything is fine. Obviously not.

Making the situation even more confusing is that the NFL is bringing in unprecedented revenues. There is no financial crisis that motivates these activities. So why do they?

To Selva’s surprise, he made a contribution. Good morning football From LA since its inception. Now that the show is moving to him, the NFL is taking him out.

Some think the NFL is trimming its payroll and scrubbing its balance sheets as it continues to search for someone to oversee operations. Beyond a special package of regular season games and a Sunday morning pregame show that’s informative, comprehensive and entertaining, there’s not much out there. Total access Last month, a show that disappeared from the lineup for a week and no one noticed was cut from borderline television. Good morning football He’s gone until August or thereabouts, and who knows what will happen when he returns?

If the NFL can’t pull off a 20-year experiment, if the NFL has never lived up to its expectations, especially in an age where people can watch current game highlights, old games and/or NFL movie content anywhere and anytime, maybe the league should sell the only games it puts on to a streaming service or network, which The league’s net income from the 24/7 network will pay the league more than anything else.

It’s probably headed there. Systematically strip the operation down to nothing and turn the package of Sunday morning European games and regular season Saturday games and Christmas Eve game (in years when they play one) to the highest bidder(s).