In Sunday’s three-hour Wimbledon final, Nick Kirgius was in good spirits – at least when it came to strict tennis. Then it was time to accept the trophy.

The Australian for that opportunity minutes later He lost four consecutive games to defending champion Novak DjokovicKyrgyzs changed his white hat into a bright red Nike Jordan hat and violated the rules of the game by requiring the players to wear white in court.

Cambridge Duchess, who handed over the second trophy to Kyrius, did not respond to Kyrgyz. Other observers were surprised – especially since Kirgos had already worn a red hat in the race.

A journalist It is called Kirgos’ “final act of disobedience.” Others suggested that Kyrgyz could be punished. Earlier on Monday, Wimbledon spokesman Kirgius could not confirm the verdict.

To the day the players wear white on the tennis court The race began in 1877. At the time, it was generally trusted Sweating was not appropriate And that would be a white dress Limit or hide the player’s sweat, Time reports. However, as the times change, the dress code at Wimbledon has not changed. In fact, he has Be more strictEven with race officials Checking the color of the players’ underwear During matches.

The rule now is that players “must wear a completely white matching tennis uniform – from the moment the player enters the square.” Acceptable clothing “does not include white or cream” and colored cutouts on the neck or sleeves “should not exceed one centimeter.” This year, while some players are allowed to wear colors that support Ukraine, there are other very specific guidelines.

The origin of Lab-Phobic is Wimbledon. He recently hugged All-white law is a way of “making a big difference” and “making tennis and the players stand out”, rather than their clothes.

But even the best champions of the game are against the rules. Eight-time Wimbledon winner Roger Federer In 2014, he said, that was the year to tighten the dress code. “Very strict” The New York Times reports. A year ago, Federer wore a pair of orange shoes in the first round match and was forced to change his shoes. As reported by the Associated Press.

A.D. In 1992, Andre Agassi Wimbledon of the United States fled the race, abandoning his traditional and dress code. “Why should I wear white? I don’t want to wear white,” Agassi wrote in a 2009 memo.

Opposition groups called for a boycott of the tournament in protest of a governemt decision to reduce their retirement benefits, a change which would take effect in October. The guard. The protesters wore white tops and red shorts – similar to those worn by Tatiana Golovin, a French actress in 2007. Bright red knickers On Wimbledon grass.

Although Kyrgyz was not alone in his rejection of Wimbledon’s dress code, he rated observers in other ways. Punished $ 10,000 spit at spectator at the end of June Kirgos said that. During Sunday’s match against Jokovich, Kyrgyz was fined $ 4,000 for insulting the referee during a match by knocking on a chair to disguise an alcoholic.

Following last week’s fourth-round win over Brandon Nakashima, Kirgius wore a red and white Air Jordan jersey and a red Nike hat.

After the game, a journalist asked Kirgos why he was breaking the law.

“Because I do what I want,” replied Kyrgyz.

Do the rules apply to him?

“I want to wear the Jordan,” said Kyrgyz.

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