New Jersey reported another 1,548 confirmed Monday CV-19 Cases And confirmed the death of one person, and more than 900 patients were hospitalized with coronary heart disease.

The state’s overall positive for Tuesday’s tests – the most recent data – was 11.76 percent. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 10% are positive. However, the positives are significantly lower than the maximum oscillation difference of 40.83% on January 1.

New Jersey distribution was 1.02 on Sunday, the last day available. The spread rate is 1, which means that issues have been fixed to the current numbers and anything more than 1 is spreading. A bandwidth below 1 is an indicator The spread of conjunctivitis It is declining, because each new issue leads to one more new issue.

On Sunday night, 919 patients were diagnosed with cholera virus in 71 hospitals in the state. This is the fifth consecutive day that the state has reported more than 900 hospitals. Despite the recent increase in cases, the hospital admissions reached 6,089 during the January 10 omicron storm.

The state’s average of seven days is 2,433 for positive tests, the same as last week and 13 percent lower than last month.

six New Jersey counties are now considered a major threat. For Covidy-19 broadcast – Atlantic, Berlining, Camden, Cape May, Monmouth and Morris. In high-risk areas, it is recommended that people wear masks at home and on public transportation and stay vaccinated, the CDC reported.

The other 15 counties in the state are in the middle-risk category. Masks are not recommended in the middle and lower exposed regions.

Total numbers

New Jersey reported a total of 2,155,538 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

The garden also reported 367,111 positive antigens or rapid tests, which are possible cases. And there are many issues that may not be counted, including positive tests at home that are not included in state numbers.

The state of 9.2 million people reported 34,112 CV-19 deaths – 31,022 confirmed deaths and 3,090 possible.

New Jersey has. The death of the seventh coronavirus per person In the US – Mississippi, Arizona, Alabama, West Virginia, Tennessee and Oklahoma – the latest data from July 4 reported last summer. The kingdom was in great danger. Per capita in the nation.

Vaccination numbers

More than 6.95 million people who work, live or study in Paradise have been fully vaccinated.

On December 15, 2020, more than 7.85 million people received the first dose after vaccinations began in the state.

More than 4 million people in the state are eligible for encouragement. This number may increase after the specified time The Food and Drug Administration has approved immunizations for healthy children 5 to 11 years old. U.S. regulators have encouraged children to increase their immunizations in hopes of further immunization.

Long-term care numbers

The state reported at least 9,344 COVID-19 deaths among residents and staff at nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. State data.

Out of the 351 facilities, 4,591 current cases were reported among residents and 4,594 cases were reported among staff.

International numbers

As of Monday, more than 555 million COVID-19 cases were registered worldwide. Coronary Virus Database of Jones Hopkins UniversityMore than 6.35 million people have died from the virus.

The US reported more COVID cases (more than 88.5 million) and deaths (at least 1,020,893) from any country.

Globally, more than 11.7 billion doses of vaccine have been given.

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