Atlanta – One day you can enjoy steak, hamburgers and sausages, and the next day those foods will cause a severe allergic reaction.

People suffering from Alpha-Gal syndrome occur in beehives after eating red meat.

“I was covered in nails from head to toe. From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. ”

Attaway first appeared in a hive 12 years ago. Rosewell said the itching, which lasted for hours, was unbearable.

“Sometimes you can’t even think about itching and the only thing you need to do is try to get relief from itching,” says Away.

He said. Channel 2 Action News He suffered for almost nine years before finally getting an answer from an allergist.

“Stop eating red meat. And I stopped eating red meat and within three days I started cleaning everything, ”Atawai said.

He tested positive for alpha-gal syndrome, a late allergy to red meat. It usually takes three to eight hours. It is caused by the bite of the Lone Star tick, which is common in Georgia.

Attaway enjoys playing disc golf and hiking. He believes that those activities contributed to the discovery of the tick.

“My face was numb – completely. And I went in and looked in the mirror and I was very upset.”

During a vacation in Florida in October 2021, he thought he had been bitten by a Lone Star sign. When Dickerson used a leaf fan in his backyard, he first realized that something was wrong.

“This was the worst pain I’ve ever had.

His blood pressure dropped dramatically from Alpha-Gal’s syndrome, and he broke his back. “It’s amazing how your life can be transformed from one bite to another.

Both Dickerson and Attaway can’t eat their favorite foods.

“I love pork barbecue ribs,” Dickerson said.

“Hot dogs,” Athena said.

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Both men said they now eat a lot of chicken. Turkey, fish, and veggies are also safe foods.

Even avoiding red meat, eating at restaurants or at a friend’s house can be dangerous. Red meat can be hidden in side dishes.

“Perhaps one of the foods I ate was prepared with ham hock or pork or beef. And that alone was enough to provoke that. ”

Red meat is also found in medicine.

“Then I realized it was much worse for me to take clarithromycin and I stopped using it,” Atway said.

Dr. Ted Lee has visited more than 100 alpha-gal patients with Peachry Allergy and Asthma Clinic over the past 37 years.

He said that mammals, such as deer or cows, can be transmitted to humans.

“Those chemicals, when those mammals are fed, bring those antigens to the human body, and then it triggers an abnormal immune response,” Lee said.

He says there is no cure for alpha-gal. Therefore, tick bite prevention is key.

“If you are out, you will get ticks,” said Atawai.

But you have to be careful. Use the sprays and stay in the woods, ”said Dickerson.

After spending time outdoors, Lee recommends a physical examination of ticks. These simple steps will help you to avoid this life-changing situation.

“Alpha-Gal can do some damage to you,” Dickerson said.

“I do not want this on my worst enemy,” said Atawei.

Both men said there were no serious outbreaks during the investigation.

Coincidentally, if you eat red meat, both will contain epinephrine. This can lead to a sore throat and a lack of oxygen supply.

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