Since Blizzard confirmed that they will make an announcement earlier this week Overwatch 2‘s new hero for many players this week during the Overwatch League Grand Finals assumed that previously teased character Mauga would eventually join the roster. It’s been teased in the past by the developers as being in the works (the first kit development intended for Mauga turned into Sigma and his abilities) and Baptiste throughout the short story “You Left Behind”, including appearing in the art. A Mauga reveal was off the charts. Blizzard then announced that the new tank would be none other than Omnic leader Ramattra.

After years of teasing and many theories about what Mauga would bring into the world Overwatch, fans were given a heads up that their expectations weren’t always true. Despite Maughan’s teases in the past, no confirmation was ever teased that the character was on the way, but that didn’t stop there. Overwatch 2 players asking where Maugan is and posting some hilarious memes about how they’ve been waiting for the character all day. We’ve collected some of the best reactions to the news that Maugan isn’t a new tank below.


All we know about Mauga is that she was originally intended as a tank, and we can only assume that she will still be a tank when she is finally added to the game. In Baptiste’s short story, Mauga calls himself “a great dumb brute.” with his supporting character calling him “like a demon”. The two appear in previously released art of Maugan in Heavy Assault armor seen with Baptiste during his Talon days. A new piece of dialogue between Baptiste and Sombra in Overwatch 2 confirms that Mauga is still alive, setting the stage for his eventual release into the game.

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