The next hero is coming Overwatch 2 not exactly new. Players are one look at himAn Omnic activist known as Ramattra, more than three years ago, at the end of an event Overwatch It’s called an archive event The storm is rising. The cliffhanger reveal of Omnik teaming up with the villainous Doomfist finally paid off at the Overwatch League Grand Finals on Friday, when Blizzard Entertainment unveiled a new tank-level character. Overwatch 2 next month.

Will join Ramatra Overwatch 2 On December 6, the list debuted alongside the game’s second season. He will be the game’s 11th tank character and will bring a unique mechanic to the tank group: Ramattra has two forms, the standard Omnic form and a large second form called Nemesis.

In his standard Omnic form, Ramattra fights using a staff that shoots projectiles and can create a barrier to protect his team. But when Ramattra emerges from his shell using an ability on cooldown, he transforms into a formidable warrior capable of powerful melee attacks that will terrorize the squishies on the opposing team. The Overwatch developers have described Ramattra’s transformation as “scary” and “dangerous,” taking him from a fairly standard-sized hero to one of the biggest heroes in the game. Her transformation into her more aggressive Nemesis form makes her more lethal, but also makes her a bigger target for attacks like Ana’s sleep arrows or Zenyatta’s orb of discord.

Ramattra meditates in an Omnic temple surrounded by other Omnic monks, in his origin video

Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

But Ramattra will offer tank players new gameplay opportunities, allowing them to decide between protecting their team with longer-range attacks and obstacles, or aggressively leading the fight. Protagonist designer Alec Dawson provides a counter to the “bubbles” of heroes like Winston and Zarya, while in Nemesis form, her punches can pierce through barriers.

Blizzard didn’t reveal much about Ramattra’s skill set or stats during Thursday’s press briefing, and instead focused on Omnic’s story place in the Overwatch world.

According to Blizzard’s official origin story, Ramattra was built as a fighting machine for the Omnic Crisis, but he and Zenyatta laid down their weapons in search of peace. For a time, Ramattra followed this peaceful path before eventually leading the Null Sector and fighting for the survival of his people by any means necessary.

“Omnics and humans tried to coexist, but as you see in the lore, it didn’t go well for them,” said lead narrative designer Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie. “Ramattra is tired of waiting and impatient. He created this organization with some allies to fight for the freedom of the Omnic people and gain their safety at any cost.

Ramattra holds the broken body of an Omnik, surrounded by angry people with makeshift weapons

Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Whom It is therelooks like Ramattra will roll out to players through Overwatch 2s battle pass. Players who pay for the premium version of that pass will receive it immediately, while other players will have to upgrade to the free version of the pass to unlock it. When asked if Blizzard plans to change the battle pass level required to release Ramattra — which is 55 for Kiriko — art director Dion Rogers said the Overwatch team is constantly evaluating their plans. “It’s a constant conversation for our team,” Rogers said.

Ramattra will come with a new map in season 2, which the developers say has vague connections to the new hero. More heroes are planned, including a new support tier character Overwatch 2 In 2023.

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