After all the turmoil on Twitter following the company’s acquisition by Apple Fellow and former Apple marketing chief Elon Musk Phil Schiller deleted his account on the platform. However, those who still want updates from Schiller can now follow him on Mastodon.

Phil Schiller now has an official account on Mastodon

As noted by Mastodon users, someone claiming to be Phil Schiller appeared on the social network recently. But because Mastodon didn’t have verified tokens, it was hard to know if the account actually belonged to Schiller. But now, 9-5Mac Schiller confirmed with himself that his Mastodon account is official.

Blogger John Gruber (who has strong ties to senior Apple executives) himself confirmed that Shiller’s Mastodon account was official.

Although Schiller never confirmed the reasons for his Twitter account deletion, it happened that same week Elon Musk criticized Apple stating that the company has stopped advertising on the social network. The new owner of Twitter also said at the time that Apple hates free speech. Musk later met with Tim Cook at Apple Parkwhere Musk claims to have had a great conversation with the Apple CEO.

Twitter announced last week Twitter said it has officially banned developers from using the social network’s API to create third-party clients that replace its app or website. Due to the announcement, programs such as Twitterrific and Tweetbot have been officially discontinued. The main reason may be that these apps don’t show ads to users, thus hurting Twitter’s ad revenue.

Interestingly, one of Phil Schiller’s first posts on Mastodon was to introduce Ivory – New third party client for Mastodon Created by Tweetbot developers.

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