I’m sure the good developers at Game Freak are trying to mess with my emotions. choose a starter in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

In almost every major Pokémon game (save Pokemon Yellow) every coach begins his journey by making a choice one of the three Pokemon to start the journey with. Choosing your startup has never been an easy decision; Whichever Pokemon you go with is the first creature to join you on your journey, and so they get special attention and cooler designs. Even then, in all the years I’ve played Pokémon, I’ve never struggled with a decision where I had to pick one of them. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

That’s because, for the first time in the franchise’s history, the game forces you to spend time with all of them before making a decision.

It used to be that you would be presented with a choice of three Pokémon in the lab and you would simply pick the one that looked the best. But in Red and Violet academy director Clavell comes to your house and tells you that it’s time to choose a starter before going to the local academy. Instead of choosing one Pokemon on the spot, you can spend time with all three after you choose

Sprigatito (a green weed cat), Quaxly (a blue duck with a funny haircut), Fuecoco (a small, red gator).

Photo: Game Freak/Nintendo, The Pokémon Company

You take a short walk with all three. You can see a bit of each startup’s personality as you walk around. Grass-type Sprigatito stops to smell the flowers, Quaxly gets lost in the ocean scenery, and Fuecoco stares at a random sign.

But this is not the most difficult thing. Then there’s a little cut scene where you see them all playing in the backyard of a house where they each get a small character moment. For example, Fuecoco is interested in an orange on the floor, but then sneezes and accidentally roasts it. It was like every Pokémon was as cute and adorable as possible to sway me, and let me tell you, that made the decision difficult.

I went in wanting either the Sprigatito or the Fuecoco, but after seeing its goofy personality, I opted for the Fuecoco. Even then, I wanted to take all three of them home with me. That is, even if there are some fans were divided on how much they liked the latest evolutionsI can safely say that they are adorable to begin with – so cute that it makes the decision to choose just one very difficult.

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