Zelda Purah takes a picture while looking at her tablet.

Screenshot: Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom leaked and shipped a week before launch Nintendo is furious, the company stops taking down copyrights on Discord, Twitch, Twitter, and more. Now the game is officially out, but some pirates are still downloading the game illegally and Nintendo is keeping an eye on it.

“Bruh wtf” wrote one Such a player on the Switch Pirates subreddit. “Did Nintendo somehow learn? And they know the exact means of how I do it.” A user called RevolutionaryToe6738 shared a copy of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice Comcast sent them warning them of infringing activity. It is interesting that what information was included there Tears of the kingdom show where and how the player is pirating.

“Yep…most torrents for everything are followed,” one commenter wrote as the post exploded. RevolutionaryToe6738 replied: “Can I just play even if I disconnect from wifi or should I just do what they say and hope they don’t take action?” Tears of the kingdomled to its massive popularity huge lines outside stores on launch day and probably inspired newcomers to the world of internet piracy as well. RevolutionaryToe6738 did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The screenshot shows the DMCA notice from Comcast.

It’s unclear what the scale of the problem is and how many other problems there are Zelda Pirates received similar notices from their ISPs. Tears of the kingdom Thanks in part to the ongoing, it has become fairly easy to obtain legal copies Nintendo voucher program and a recent GameStop deal that lowers the price only $20 for trading games.

Ahead of release, Nintendo’s attempt to eliminate leaks is its overzealousness in some deletion requests, hitting their Twitch channels and social media accounts, re-shared the first officially-sanctioned footage of the game. Nintendo even shot itself briefly Zelda Twitter accounts with takedown notices.

The company also didn’t just remove leaks and pirated game files from the internet. Recently Called Discord for the personal data of the user participating in the distribution of copies Tears of the kingdom art book and has been He has been suing ROM sites for years, and winning.

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