It’s Google Assistant using On-device “Personalized Speech Recognition” on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro to “better recognize your unique speaking style, words and phrases.”

This may include names of people and places that are less common or more unique to you. Google’s Personalized speech recognition works by “securely storing and learning Assistant interactions, including audio, on your device.” Written surveys and other well-known texts are also used.

For example, you can edit an acronym when you ask Google Assistant for something, or choose an alternative suggested for a place name when using Assistant for navigation.

Google encourages users to customize Assistant by “selecting a suggestion chip, directly editing text while interacting with Assistant, or repeating your question back-to-back.”

Google Assistant can use your past edits to learn from mistakes and improve over time.

This feature is enabled during the Google Assistant setup process on your Pixel 7 or 7 Pro. It can be turned off by switching to Assistant settings On your Pixel 7 > device you > Your speech recognition > Individual speech recognition turn off/on.

Disabling it will remove “any Assistant connections used to train the model” from your phone. Opting out will not affect how data is collected, stored or used Voice Typing Assistant in Gboard, Sound and Audio Action, Voice Compatibility, Personal Results, Upgrade your assistant through Federated Learning, Enhance Gboard with Federated Learningor Web and App Activity.

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