Evening 2 ፡ 40: Astros Alvarez has announced he is out of action at IL Joseph Siri He recalled that he had taken his place on the active list.

2 ፡ 15 p.m.: Astros place is going Jordan Alvarez In the 10-day list of injuries due to hand injury, reports Julia Morals at AT&T SportsNet Southwest.

In June, Alvarez discussed a hand issue that caused him to miss a few games. Morales has been playing since he was injured. Dusty baker The situation is getting worse. Houston Chronicle Daniel Lnerner The club is hoping the holiday season will help the series compete with the Yankees, after a stellar break.

Due to the upcoming break, this is probably the best time to hit an IL due to an injury. Alvarez could miss just seven games if he is able to return as soon as possible. After Al-Kokob’s break, the Astros are in a bit of a frenzy as they start with a double-header with Yankees as part of a stretch that will see them play 19 games in 18 days. By now going to IL, he will miss the games with A and the Angels, but he may be ready to go where the Yankees, sailors, A, Red Sox and Guardians are playing.

Although Houston has made it clear that this is an easy matter to resolve quickly, the fact that his hand forced him to miss the game on June 19 is still interesting. Of course, it is worth noting that Alvarez is probably the best killer on the planet this year. With 26 home runs and a total of .306 / .405 / .653 lines, he is 97% better than the league average this year. His 197 wRC + is the first of its kind, with six points ahead Paul Goldsmith191 and 20 points ahead Judge Aaron171.

Alvarez has been used mostly as DHI this year, joining 33 left-backs. Michael Brantley Also at IL, this club is spread out a bit on the grass Kyle Tucker, Jack Myers And Chas McCormick It may be possible to get more regular action. Aledmys Diaz, Mauricio Dubon And JJ Matjeevich There are also off-field potential options.

There is little reason for the astronauts or their fans to panic, as their record of 55-29 leads them to El West 12. If the injury to Alvarez or Brantley lasts around the end of August 2, the club can always see improvements off the field at that point.

Houston Chronicle teammate Daniel Lerner said at first that Alvarez was not with the team and that the matter was in his hands (Twitter Links). Julia Morals at AT&T SportsNet Southwest He stated that he was actually landing at IL.

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