A tag armed with a Clash Blaster fires several rounds to destroy the opposing team.

Oh great, here’s this bad guy using a gun.
Image: Nintendo / Kotaku

with Splatoon 3 Finally, people on the Nintendo Switch have certainly tried their hand at the game’s various eclectic weapons. There’s a lot to check out classic rapid fire Splattershot Jr. to new weapons like to the quick cut Splatana (soon became my favorite). However, to each their own detractors, it is almost always complained about by the Clash Blaster, a pencil sharpener-looking weapon that is often called out for being annoyingly grabbed by players. And I totally agree. Clash Blaster is cheap.

Colorful ink drawn shooter, Splatoon 3 allows you to unlock different gear like hats and shirts next to weapons after leveling up through solo or multiplayer. Each level rewards you with a new weapon to test out, though you’ll still need to buy them with Sheldon Licenses, a type of currency you earn by playing the game. The famous Clash Blaster It is one of the weapons you can get at level 22. People hate it so much that there have been some pretty threatening messages in hub world urging people to stop using it. Now!

The author's thinking looks at the message asking players to stop using Clash Blaster.

It’s not scary at all.
Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

What makes Clash Blaster so OP?

Clash Blaster is deadly. It looks original Splatoon 2 and built for use in medium and short-range shooting, it can kill an opponent with two good body shots or three to four shots around the legs. It’s a nuisance to deal with. In addition to dealing solid damage, its blast radius is wide enough to hit fighters even when shots miss. So get in range of the Clash Blaster and you’re pretty much dead. There’s no escaping it, really.

I can attest to this. As a blind gamer with atrocious accuracy due to eye disease called keratoconus, I was still able to get double digit kills with the Clash Blaster. It’s a weapon, so I didn’t need the best aim to use OP. As long as I’m able to fire close range on the opponent in front of me, they’re bound to engage. Every time I went up against it in PvP the same thing happened. Seriously, it punches. Or spots, I guess.

Why do people hate Clash Blaster so much?

As mentioned above, Clash Blaster is very powerful. You don’t have to be a high-level player to climb the multiplayer leaderboards while wielding a pencil-sharpener-looking weapon. And that’s why many people can’t stand it. Just type “Clash Blaster” into Reddit or Twitter and you’ll see tons of complaints about the gun and how it is. unfair weapon. Some will say, “still like fucked,” while others ask why, to choose all the available weapons, when everyone is the main weapon so much OP and he can spoils the fun and squid boys who destroy and girls are the same. Clash Blaster hate goes back all the way Splatoon 2, for Christ’s sake. Talk about holding a grudge. It may not always be in the game Call of Duty Game on PlayStationbut you can bet it always will Splatoon player Complains about Clash Blaster.

I mean, even before Splatoon 3 started operating on September 9 the game’s official subreddit often hosted Cash Blaster challenges. Some of them Begged Nintendo to release Clash Blaster of the three. When the company announced that the gun would be returning, some took the news very, very hard. You can always count on someone writing about how a pencil-sharpener-looking weapon ruins sophisticated entertainment.

While the Clash Blaster is an annoying weapon, it’s not the hardest weapon to counter. There are other weapons on my shit list, namely the incredibly fast Ink Brush and the October brush, as well as a wide variety of Rollers that make it easy for you. But I won’t deny how frustrating Clash Blaster can be, especially in some skilled hands.

Splatoon 3 despite not being on the market for a full week, it was quite a success for Nintendo. In fact, there is a third-person shooter it has already sold more than three million copies in just three days It is becoming more popular in Japan Breath of the Wild or even Pokemon games. This is wild.

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