Pokemon Go Fest 2023

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Pokemon GO Fest 2023, the annual celebration of all things Pokemon, took place during the scorching days of summer. Coaches from all over the world gathered for the historic event. This year’s festival exceeded all expectations of previous years, focusing on international engagement and local participation.

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international relations

Pokemon GO developer Niantic has confirmed that you can participate in the festivities no matter where you are in the world. In the days leading up to the event, coaches received special in-game research assignments related to the international challenge. Completing these tasks contributes to the common goal of players around the world. When these goals are reached, exciting rewards are unlocked, including the appearance of unknown and popular Pokemon in various regions. This sparked an international hunt that brought trainers together like never before.

Local involvement

The event celebrated the unique cultures and flavors of each location. Different cities have hosted localized events within the wider festival, reflecting the different areas of their regions and the habitats of Pokémon. Trainers had the opportunity to explore a variety of experiences, each featuring their own unique Pokémon migrations and challenges.

Interesting features

Pokemon GO Fest 2023 has been revealed with exclusive exclusive research, shiny rates, extended distance Raid Passes, hidden bonuses and more. Coaches around the world are encouraged to mark their calendars for this global event. The festivities started on Saturday, August 26 at 10 am and continued until 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Each day offered a different event to keep coaches engaged.

Shiny hunting and special bonuses

The community was buzzing with excitement as new shiny Pokemon made their debut, including the highly coveted Goodra. Pokemon GO Fest 2023 promises to be a shiny hunter’s dream come true. In addition to scoring, coaches also had the opportunity to receive event bonuses, such as ticket purchases.

The bonuses include special research tasks, glowing connection rates, and exclusive in-game items. The event aims to celebrate the rich diversity of the Pokémon world by offering location-specific experiences. Different regions feature unique Pokémon bursts and challenges, giving trainers an immersive global adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious newbie, Pokemon GO Fest 2023 promises an unforgettable weekend of Pokemon discovery and friendship.

Special research ticket

For $14.99, coaches had the option to purchase a special research ticket to GO Fest 2023. This ticket comes with many attractive benefits that are definitely worth considering. One unique feature is the guaranteed encounter with Dancy, the most sought-after Pokémon among collectors. Ticket holders also had access to the extended Mega Rayquaza study, ensuring a steady supply of meteorites for their adventures.

But the true value of the special research ticket shines through to those who decide to hunt for glitter. Ticket holders enjoyed higher shiny contact rates, making it much easier to add those rare and shiny Pokemon to their collection. The decision as to whether the ticket is worth it depends on one’s level of commitment to the event. If one plans to immerse themselves in the festivities on both event days and plan to spend a significant amount of time exploring the world of Pokemon, then the ticket was a smart investment. Pokemon GO Fest 2023 has unlocked exclusive encounters and bonuses, enriching the overall experience.

Pokemon GO Fest 2023 ticket

The Pokemon GO Fest 2023 ticket was another key to a weekend full of exciting Pokemon encounters and special bonuses. Priced at $14.99, this ticket offers a variety of perks that can greatly enhance your GO Fest experience. One particular perk is the guaranteed encounter with Diancy, a rare and highly sought-after Pokémon. For collectors and trainers looking to expand their Pokedex, this alone makes the ticket purchase worthwhile.

But the benefits don’t end there. Ticket holders have access to the extended Mega Rayquaza research, ensuring a constant supply of meteorites to power up their Pokémon. This research not only covers gameplay, but also adds depth to Pokemon adventures. For dedicated glitter hunters, the ticket has significantly improved the glitter connection rates. If one’s goal is to catch those invisible and shiny Pokemon, the ticket made the pursuit even more rewarding.

The decision to buy a Pokemon GO Fest 2023 ticket depends on one’s level of commitment to the event. If one plans to immerse oneself in the festivities on both days of the event and give the game a big time, the ticket was a worthwhile investment. It boosts the chances of encountering unique Pokemon and boosts the overall excitement of Pokemon GO Fest 2023. Trainers eager to embark on an unforgettable Pokemon adventure grab their Pokemon GO Fest 2023 passport for a ticket to the fun and friendly world.

Bonuses and rewards

Pokemon Trainers were on the hunt for bonuses during the exciting Pokemon GO Fest 2023. Niantic pulls out all the stops to make sure the adventure is not only fun, but full of unique opportunities and rewards.

Lure modules have played a significant role in attracting more Pokemon to PokeStops. Their extended stay allowed trainers to meet and capture a wide variety of species. Field research missions were set up for different Pokémon habitats, adding an immersive layer to the exploration. Trainers travel to different areas to find Pokemon in their natural settings.

During the event, the limit on remote Raid Passes has been lifted. Trainers can participate in remote raids like never before, increasing their chances of meeting and battling legendary Pokémon. Taking snapshots during the event unlocks hidden bonuses, adding an element of surprise and excitement. Capturing special moments can lead to incredible rewards and engagements.

Trainers had the opportunity to find new field research tasks at PokeStops every hour. This regular renewal kept the event dynamic, ensuring there was always something new to explore. Shiny hunters rejoiced as their chances of encountering and catching shiny Pokemon increased during the event. This makes it the perfect opportunity to expand your collection of these rare and brilliant creatures.

Special trades allow trainers to make a total of six trades per day. This feature encouraged Trainers to connect with friends and trade rare or region-specific Pokemon, increasing the sense of community. The Elite Collector Medal is earned by completing habitat-focused collection challenges, honoring and recognizing achievements.

Spinning photo discs around the gym rewarded trainers with free raid passes. This allowed them to participate in many raids without requiring an additional pass, facilitating legendary battles and matchups. Special 7km eggs add surprise and variety to the adventure, possibly hatching into unique and desirable Pokemon.

An unusual event

Pokemon GO Fest 2023 wasn’t just an event. It was an immersive experience filled with bonuses and rewards that catered to coaches of all levels and interests. Whether a collector, fighter or shiny hunter, these bonuses will heighten the excitement and make this event the highlight of your Pokemon journey. Trainers prepare, research and make the most of these amazing bonuses as they embark on an unforgettable Pokemon adventure.


In conclusion, Pokemon GO Fest 2023 was an international event that brought together trainers from all corners of the world. The focus on international connections and local involvement made it a unique and memorable experience. The festival showcases Pokémon habitats and cultures around the world, offering immersive experiences tailored to each location. Exclusive research tickets, GO Fest tickets and various bonuses added to the excitement, making the weekend a day full of Pokemon encounters, shiny hunts and camaraderie. Coaches of all levels and interests have the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary event and create lasting memories.

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