Pikachu passed out
Photo: The Pokémon Company

Even if it’s less than a day Pokémon Scarlet and Violet proved divisive in trying to move the franchise forward. For some, games make a big leap from what came before by making life a little easier with open worlds and Let’s Go mechanics, but for others, games don’t go far enough to push the boat – they stay. it is close to what came before them.

One thing that has definitely changed for Gen IX, but not many will notice, is the rare Pokémon disease Pokérus (or rather, the lack of it).

Appearing in every Pokémon entry since Gen II, the highly sought-after disease could be found in a wild “mon” (if you were very lucky) and then spread to your team with the beneficial effect of doubling the effort values ​​(EVs) of all those infected after battles. But this time the disease was nowhere to be found (thanks, Gamesradar+).

The disappearance of Pokérus was discovered by a Pokémon dataminer @mattyoukhana_who posted the following tweet while searching for the games code:

It seems that even Pokémon that were forcefully given the virus code in Scarlet and Violet no longer show any symptoms (no double EV here) and can’t pass it on to their teammates. Sorry guys, it looks like sick days are off the menu.

Could it be that Paldea is ahead of the curve for Pokémon regions, reducing the infection rate with a quick vaccine? Well, maybe. Including some users on Twitter @gandalfsoda and @twistaspin It’s been suggested that the virus wasn’t included because we’re still a little too close to the last global pandemic, although it’s also possible that the good folks at Game Freak forgot to include it this time (which we’ll admit wasn’t the first mechanic that came to mind)!

Whatever the reason for the removal, it looks like our teams will be free from Pokérus, at least for now.

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