Refresh [Sat 5th Nov, 2022 15:15 GMT]: This new Pokémon appears now Pokémon GO. If you log in, you’ll likely see him walking around the player circle, but you can’t catch him right now. Poké Stops are also gold in color and you will receive coins.

In addition, a mysterious chest was also released live on the official Pokemon website. If you visit the websiteYou can see the chest with coins from different angles:

Original article [Sat 5th Nov, 2022 00:00 GMT]: Dataminers have reportedly found a brand new Pokémon in Niantic’s popular mobile game Pokémon GO. What’s interesting about this discovery is that fans think they’ve already seen this “mysterious” creature on the island. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer last month.

as emphasized by Twitter account @poke_miners, a new Pokemon with the filename “pmMystery” has allegedly been added to the mobile game. As further explained in the same tweet, the file is referred to as “pm1080”. So far, this pocket monster has only 3D assets.

Fans also did some digging and linked this same Pokemon to the one shown in a 14 minute Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gameplay overview trailerwas released last month on October 6.

As much as you can whom look, there’s definitely something similar looking behind the text in the video above. Pokémon Scalet and Violet will be released later this month on November 18th, so we won’t have to wait long to find out what this new creature is.

You can see every Pokémon officially announced for the next generation in our guide below:

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