Animals Crossing New Horizons
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It’s been a year already Happy Home Paradise DLC Pandemic Game released for 2020/21, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you cast your mind back a full 365 days, you might remember that the DLC came right after. a major 2.0 update We’ve moved on to the main game, and while many of us thought we’d lost every last drop of gameplay after months and months of daily play, the additional content that came with the 3DS’ semi-sequel. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer As the year 2021 comes to an end, the island life has added flavor.

While it didn’t add every single quality-of-life update fans have been clamoring for, the update and DLC pack — available “for free” to anyone who subscribes to Nintendo Switch Online at the expansion pack level — served as a fitting bookend for a game that has protected millions of people during some trial periods. .

Although some of our islands are infested with weeds and cockroaches, members of the NL team still head to Nook and co. regularly

However, with so many other games to play on Switch and elsewhere, it’s been a while since many of us have visited our islands. Despite the base game clocking in at ‘295 hours or more’, this writer has barely touched the DLC and hasn’t launched it at all this year – the last save cloud in the main menu says ‘December 23, 2021’. There are many other things to play! The offer to archive the game to free up memory has been rejected several times, but the game has been unplayable for almost a year now.

However, a quick survey around the Nintendo Life Towers reveals that some of us have there is still coming back recently”yesterday“, “Sunday“, and”maybe a month ago?“. So despite some of our islands being invaded by weeds and cockroaches, members of the team still regularly drop in on Nook and co.

To get a better idea of ​​how the land lays out with a larger sample size of Switch players, we thought we’d pose the question to you in the poll below. This does not imply some kind of qualitative judgment about the game (‘I can’t believe I’ve spent 573 hours on this game with nothing left to do!‘), or rather, we want to see how long the tail is on this game with the die-hard Nintendo crowd – that’s you!

Animal crossing sunset
Image: Nintendo Life

Feel free to elaborate below on why you’re still playing or haven’t been back for a while.

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