Edmonton Oyers General Manager Ken Holland has been exploring the landscape every summer since 1997. What will the 2022 market look like when it officially prepares to open at noon on Wednesday?

“A lot of teams are tight on the hat, so it will be fun,” Holland told ESPN. “And then the other teams … they think they want to take it out.”

The NHL’s salary cap for the next season is $ 82.5 million, an increase of $ 1 million over the previous season. This is not good for the NHL middle class who are looking for new unlimited and restricted free agent agreements.

“It simply came to our notice then. [rough] For them, ”an NHL agent told ESPN.

But high-level free agents? Relatively speaking, they still get their blockbuster deals.

We have already seen Philip Forsberg Earn $ 68 million over 8 years Nashville Hunters, Kevin Fiala Get it after seven years of sales for $ 55.125 million Kings of Los AngelesAnd 35 years Kris Letang Earn $ 36.6 million to stay in six years Pittsburgh Penguin.

Who’s next? See where there are unlimited free agent agents with some great names on the market.

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