July 12Phyllis Slugger Kyle Schwartz Joined the field with Philadelphia interviewer Alex Coffee He himself posted the matter on Instagram.

July 11, 9 ፡ total 21 p.m. The star of the nations John Soto They participate. Talk Nats blog first reported (On Twitter) Soto will accept an invitation and Z101 Hector Gomez Confirmed He will be in preparation. Soto, who was part of last year’s event, hit 17 long balls this season. He will be part of the NL Stars next night.

7 p.m. 06 p.m. The 2022 home run derby will take place next Monday and the field is starting to take shape. He found the first baseman Pet Alonso And Braves outfielder Ronald Akuna Junior Each of them announced that they will participate this afternoon Athlete Katie Woo The Cardinals reported that they preferred Heather. Albert Pujles Participates.

Pujles’ involvement is one of the three most impressive. He is a four-time contender but has not appeared in Derby for more than a decade. He has conceded just five long balls this year but has won the National League twice in his first stint at St. Louis and is the fifth-best at Homers. In the final major league season, Pujles is set to move on. All-Star Game Recognizing the work. Derby will be added to the festival.

Alonso hopes to defend his two straight titles. New York slide He won in 2019, then backed that last year with another championship. (The 2020 derby has been canceled.) Along the way, the 2019 event knocked Akuna in the semi-finals. The Atlanta star will be joining the Foreign Player Festival for the second time. Both Alonso and Akuna will join the NL All-Stars with Puigles; Alonso is on standby and Akuna will be in Brian Snitker’s starting lineup.

MLBTR will update this post as the remaining derby participants appear.

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