Christian Bethancourt San Kawahara (Oakland) of the San Francisco Chronicle said goodbye to his colleagues today.Via Twitter). According to Mark Tokkin of A’s Tampa Bay Times, he replaced Bitancourt with Rice instead of a pair of minor league players.Via Twitter). Instead of Bethancourt, he sent rays to the field Cal Stevenson And right hand Christian Fernandez To Auckland, ESPN’s Jeff Pasan (Via Twitter). Both groups announced the agreement.

Bethancourt, 30, made his first return to the Majors since 2017. His career began, though, all the way back to the 2013 Braves. Atlanta finally switched to Padres where he played from 2016-2017. Up to that point in his career, Bethancourt had a .222 / .252 / .316 line on 489 board views. Since then, Bethancourt has been stuck in Triple-A – with its breweries in 2018 and 2021.

This season, Betancourt has joined the ranks of the water-rich Auckland club. Right-hand killer .249 / .298 / .385 Holding the first base in 182 plate events. He spent ten games as an appointee.

You are getting a versatile protector that takes up space for radiation. Tampa loves defensive versatility, and Bethancourt’s ability to move around diamonds puts at least three hunters on the roster. Mike Zunino He returns from injury.

Of course, the Ray did not suffer much damage from anyone on the list. Measly 43 wRC + was registered on the bench before Zunino was included in the injury list Renee Pinto 27 wRC + post on 51 plate form and Francisco Magia Finish the team with 74 wRC +. Bethancourt’s 99 wRC + will be improved on the lot, but more than that, the beams will give them some depth where they were not.

The ray was thought to be of limited interest. Willson ContrerasAlthough perhaps the largest trade in the market may be in the market Athlete Ken Rosental He said he was willing to pay high rent opportunities through Contreras through Tampa. Getting Bethancourt does not necessarily keep Tampa from competing, but it does offer a lot of benefits in later negotiations.

In many ways, Bethancourt represents everyone’s version of the contract. It is a disgusting upgrade that can be folded with your right hand and moved around a diamond when needed. To his advantage, Bethancourt does not bear the financial obligations of the contractor, and perhaps Tampa gives another reason for doing so now. Taking action today, Ray will be given a month to re-evaluate their situation and determine if a major massacre is needed.

Rays were named David McKay For Bethancourt to place on the 40-person list. After spending most of the spring in the sun, McKay stayed with Yankee to start the season. The Ray have claimed to be unlicensed, but have spent most of the season on Triple-A. He is now exposed to corruption again.

In the case of Auckland, they will probably raise a minor league league for their next rivals. Martin Gallegos Provides this quote from the administrator Mark Cotsai‚ÄúChristian did a good job while he was here. It is difficult to trade a player who has an impact on or off the field. He was the leader of that club. .. I’m happy for him because he goes to a team that needs competition and fishing.

For Auckland, the return of any player is not a big hope, but that does not mean they have no great hope for the future. In addition, given the small investment in Oakland’s Betancourt, two small league sellers are a strong return for the consumer.

Stevenson is not a supervisor but his ability to play in midfield, despite being 25 years old, is a quick enough foreign player to provide a cleaner way than the Major. In the first round of the 10th round of voting, Toronto Blue Jay, Stevenson spent the last two seasons on the Rays farm. This year at Triple-A, Southpaw hit .265 / .376 / .353 in 203 plastics.

Fernandez was first signed in 2016 by Ray from Venezuela. The 22-year-old recorded a 2.79 ERA for the singles Charleston Riversdogs at 58 innings. It goes to H-A where it joins the Lansing vortex.

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