LAS VEGAS, Nevada - July 09 ፡ Kazakhstan's Rafael Physiov won the UFC Fight Night at the UFC APEX after losing a light weight.  (Photo by Chris Unger / Zuffa LLC)

Rafael Physic won his sixth consecutive UFC victory on Saturday, beating Rafael dos Anjos late in UFC Vegas 58 in Las Vegas. (Photo by Chris Unger / Zuffa LLC)

LAS VEGAS – The list of competitors in the lightweight category is growing. The most recent of the races was Rafael Physiev, who defeated former champion Rafael dos Anjos 18 seconds in the final of the UFC Vegas 58 event.

The next step for him is to decide who Fiziev is the best Rafael. So, of course, when asked who wanted the next one in Octagon, he called tennis star Rafael Nadal.

If Nadal sees his fight with dos Anjos, it would be wise to stay away from Fascist as much as possible. He is a well-dressed Muai Thai kickboxer, but he played the whole game on Saturday.

Dos Anjos made an impressive 16 in four-plus rounds, completing two. He has a problem when he is able to defend himself and keep up the fight.

And yes, physical is a problem for the rest of the lightweight.

Quick hands, right punches, and, as he finished his struggle, he gained a lot of power with both hands. He captured Dos Anjos and stopped fighting for any purpose.

Physicus got off the ground and fired two shots, forcing Judge Mark Smith to jump in.

“I was very tired in the war but I finished the 5th round,” said Physicist Justin Gaethje. “That means one thing. [It proves] I can fight five rounds.

During the struggle, Physicus made Dos Anjos’ offense largely neutral. Dos Anjos tried to slow down, but he got stuck in the house with a fish. But the physical download defense was fantastic and it annoyed Dos Anjos again and again.

When they were in space, he was on the verge of a physical hit and was choosing Dos Anjos with sharp and clean shots.

He never allowed Physic Dos Angios to encourage him and he was collecting points in an impressive way.

Fiziev says it is important to be patient as Dos Angios struggles to get down and not try to get ahead of himself.

“My head, my mind is sometimes stupid and I start to struggle like a drunk,” says Physic Patient. “I thought a lot and fought wisely. I didn’t try to go crazy too much.”

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - July 09 (LR) Kazakhstan's Rafael Physiov defeated Brazilian Rafael dos Anjos in a lightweight UFC Fight Night event at the UFC APEX.  (Photo by Chris Unger / Zuffa LLC)

His cruel left hand, Rafael dos Angios, landed on the ground and Rafael Physiev quickly stopped the fight. (Photo by Chris Unger / Zuffa LLC)

The victory is the 12th consecutive 13-match series and the sixth in the UFC in the first round of the Magom Mustafa Mustafa promotion in St. Petersburg, Russia.

But now Dos Anjos, Brad Reidel, Bobby Green, Renato Moikano, Mark Diakiez and Alex White – a strong opposition team – have won.

He finished 10th in Saturday’s competition, but the division was overrun by assassins and it could be hard to raise much for Fissiv. Dos Anjos VII, Matthias Garrot VIII and Tony Ferguson were ninth in the fray.

Garot is coming off with a stunning victory over Arman Sarrukian and UFC president Dana White told Yaho Sport that he is interested in pairing with No. 6 Benil Darius.

Physiev called out the five best opponents, but when he puts the line up there, that will be difficult.

Olivier is in the running to fight No. 12 Connor McGregor, although the UFC is keen to compete with Makachev. Poirier and Chandler seem to be heading for the show, especially after Their clash at UFC 276 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

So Physic may have to calm down for the match against Ferguson or Tsarukyan, both of which are very exciting. He must continue to win in the face of the pressure of the division – and he will continue to win dramatically.

But he has been doing that. He has completed three of his last four fights, going only to Green. He was brilliant at that, pulling out the green in a big way.

Gamrot also called Getjee, but White wanted to pair him with Darius, so he could give Fiev the beating he needed. And he knows it will be fun.

“I think he probably does that [worse]According to Physic, he broke his nose at the beginning of the war. “He is dangerous. It is a big challenge for me too. He has a chance to knock on my door, but I will have a chance to knock him. I think it’s a good fight and also for the fans.

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