For Brady’s last outing, I was ready to group the Patriots with Tampa as the overall non-starter. The return of Bill O’Brien As an offensive coordinator, however, he made New England high on the list. BOB has gotten to know Brady well during his five years in Foxboro, including the time he committed the crime (2011). It looks like they will be reunited in 2022, according to the bookies Hoping to get hired Oh, what if Byron Leftwich snagged the Jacksonville head coaching gig. It is a selling point.

Rob Gronkowski isn’t looking at a New England comeback, though, according to the Behemoth. Travis And Jason KelseyS New heights Podcast:I would be 100 percent surprised if he went back to New England., no doubt. It would be nuts, it would be a crazy story, but I don’t see that happening. But you never know.

I see another obstacle. Brady’s return to the Patriots could be framed as Bill Belichick waving the white flag. When the quarterback left town and won the Super Bowl, his former coach had been through three tough campaigns. There’s something poetically perfect about one more run, but everyone wants to put their money aside. Something unlikely.

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