Los Angeles – Rams wide receiver Cooper coup He will undergo ankle surgery on Wednesday and will be placed on injured reserve, coach Sean McVay said Tuesday.

Kupp will miss at least four games on injured reserve, but McVay hasn’t ruled out the receiver being out for the rest of the season. McVeigh said the “tight-rope” procedure performed on Kupp typically has a five- to six-week recovery period.

Kupp suffered a severe ankle sprain while trying to catch a pass from the quarterback during the fourth quarter of the Rams’ Week 10 loss against the Arizona Cardinals. John Wolford. Kupp appeared to be spraining his right ankle after the game and was helped to the bench by team medics.

“Obviously you never replace a player like Cooper Cupp, but we have to figure out the best way to highlight the skill sets of the guys that are playing,” McVay said.

Los Angeles’ offense has depended on Kupp this season: entering Week 10, Kupp is holding 35.7% of the Rams’ snaps this season, the highest mark of any player in the league. He entered the game with 153 rushing yards and 72 receptions during the 17-game season, according to ESPN Stats & Info. The NFL single-season record is 149 receptions by the New Orleans Saints. Michael Thomas In 2019

“I think that’s what we’ve learned more than anything, especially this year,” McVay said, “let’s just take it one day at a time.” Let’s make sure that all the things that you thought at the beginning of the MRI are consistent. How is this surgery performed? But I don’t think they want it. To lift yourself to an approach, but you know that the first step is the operation and then the appropriate steps.

And McVay said that quarterback. Matthew Stafford He is still in concussion protocol but the team will have more clarity on his condition on Tuesday.

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