July 10Reyes Franco and Kyermeyer have officially announced that they will be in the 10-day IL, on the left Jeffrey Springs He was placed on a 15-day IL due to the tightness of his right lower leg. correct Calvin Facher Also selected for Triple-A Durham. To control the four places on the list, remember Raley and Aranda and Graphine. Josh Fleming And right Phoenix Sanders.

July 9: Rays lost two standard in the 10-day damaged list, as Wandering Franco And Kevin Kiermaier Both are sidelined. such as It has already been reportedFranco has missed today’s game due to an injury to his right arm and wrist. Kevin Cash He told reporters (incl Tampa Bay Times Mark Tokkin) The initial diagnosis was that the injury was related to Franco Hamat’s bones. Franco visits doctors on Monday to find out the extent of the problem, and may miss up to 6-8 weeks if surgery is needed.

Franco had to be removed after the first bat Hunter Green. At the end of the second half, Franco appeared to be shaken after insulting Green Football, and was substituted on the field for the game.

Keyermeer played most of Saturday’s 5-4 defeat, and the midfielder was replaced by a punch runner after the ninth round. During the game, however, Kiemyer was more comfortable on his left hip – the same issue forced Kiemyer to the IL at the end of June, although he missed at least 10 days before being activated.

Considering the recurring nature of the hip problem, Kiermaier seems to be missing more than 10 days, although the upcoming star break could cover four days for that IL. If you do not want to follow Kiemeer to make sure that the radiation is completely behind his back, Kiemeer may be awakened at the beginning of July 22, when the Reds begin their second half in a row in Kansas City.

Although Franco can avoid surgery, he still needs at least a few weeks to recover. The second-year star has hit more than 247 plastics views this season. In the starting line-up, Franco got off to a good start in May before being ruled out with a hamstring injury, and that injury eventually sent him to the IL for four weeks.

Token writes that outsider Luke Raley And infielder Jonathan Aranda You may be called upon to replace Franco and Kyermeyer in the active list. At the beginning of this season, Aranda played two MLB games in a coffee-coffee fashion. It’s going to get inside Taylor Walls‘The role of utility Infield, Wallace will probably continue his short-term work (as Franco did during his last IL stay).

Rale is a left-handed outsider, so in that sense, he is an easy replacement for Kyermeyer in the Tampa Bay outdoor mix. However, it is clear that although there is no backup, there is no easy way to replace Keyermeyer’s overall defense. Brett Phillips He is a strong defender in his own right (although Phillips’ best outfield right in terms of gloves). Phillips and Josh Lowe Kiermaier is out and they are very candidates for the center field and Vidal Brujan And figures to fit in the middle. Manuel Margot It will be out at least until the end of August Due to patellar nerve tensionAnd while Rays hopes that Margot will play again in 2022, anything he can contribute in the future could be seen as a bonus.

While neither Franco nor Kymermeyer have been outstanding on the field this season, the absence of the twins will further strengthen the Rays’ already-obvious need for the final deadline. Especially if Franco is out until September, if the team qualifies for the postseason and is a legitimate competitor in October, Tampa will want a more consistent product. As usual, the Ray can’t break the bank with a new purchase, but the depth of the player (daily name or multiplayer part-time counter) seems to be a priority.

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