It felt like a stretch Game state, and if you’ve been watching the platformer’s oft-criticized BTEC Nintendo Directs, you’ll know that’s no compliment. The manufacturer certainly spent some money on this: the foreboding techno music during the countdown and the flashing strobe lights projected on the curtains and the letterbox links showing the PlayStation symbols were excellent. Unfortunately, they actually were highthe lights!

We swim, of course, and there is never any advertising event that bad, but it was more of the same from Sony, which intended to say more than it showed. We got two CGI cinematics from the PS Studios content shown, Haven and Firewalk purchases, neither of which looked particularly appealing – or told us what to expect. Former studio founder Jade Raymond talked about the innovations from the title of the team. The result? Apparently a co-op heist shooter.

Reaction: Sony Flubs First Proper PS5 Presentation in 18 Months 2

It would be unfair to completely dismantle it everything Sony showed it tonight because there was interesting games. Once again, the platformer leaned on Capcom to carry the load, with Dragon’s Dogma 2 springing a real surprise – and Resident Evil 4 apparently winning outright. PSVR2 treatment like Resident Evil Village earlier in the year. Konami’s unveiling of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater lacked Hideo Kojima’s deft touch, but will still be one to look forward to.

Still, despite all the names we mentioned, this great trailer playlist lacked the kind of pizzazz we’d expect from a proper, full-on PlayStation launch — especially one that’s been coming up for two years. making If the intention was to showcase the PS5’s future, it falls flat at the first hurdle: we don’t feel like we really know. more about the platform owner’s projects or our progress before the show.

Even the big announcements, the real earthquake moments, came with cloaks and daggers. The previously rumored Remote Play handheld accessory Project Q is indeed real – but it doesn’t have a name or a release date yet, and it hasn’t even received a PS Blog post at the time of this writing. “More information is coming soon,” said President Jim Ryan. When, Jim? It’s fair to say that your company isn’t exactly ahead of the curve at the best of times.

Reaction: Sony Flubs First Proper PS5 Presentation in 18 Months 3

Perhaps the icing on the cake, with fans around the world anxiously looking at the clock as they raced towards the clock with the PS Studios logo, was that the manufacturer used the PS Showcase’s large audience to promote the upcoming Gran Turismo movie. adaptation. Look, we understand that the film is a big deal for everyone under the Sony umbrella, but we hope it had the desired effect, because on this evidence, the next launch won’t attract too many eyeballs.

Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom, and as we tweeted before the event: one launch won’t define the PS5’s future. Based on this presentation alone, there does there’s a lot to expect from developers both big and small – you’ll just find them on any number of other consoles or devices you own. Does it matter? Probably not in the grand scheme of things, but it was surprisingly lacking for the PlayStation Showcase. Game station is on display today.

What did you think of the PlayStation Showcase? Did it live up to your expectations or seriously disappoint you? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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