Strategy RPG Redemption Reapers will begin digitally for PlayStation 4, Transitionand PC through Steam Feb. 22 for $49.99, publisher Binary Haze Interactive and developer Adglobe announced. The physical edition will be released at the end of April. It will support English and Japanese voice options, English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Korean.

Redemption Reapers“Intelligent combat mechanics complement a compelling story while fighting a war,” Binary Haze Interactive CEO Hiroyuki Kobayashi said in a press release. “We look forward to our players exploring this saga and experimenting with creative tactics to ensure victory on February 22nd.”

Game review via Binary Haze Interactive:

Backed by a formidable battalion of AAA industry veterans, Redemption Reapers is directed by Hiroyuki Kobayashi (producer, ENDER Lilies: Knight’s Serenity), with game balance design with a tactical flair RPG veteran Masayuki Horikawa (series director, Fire Emblem; to plan, Kingdom Hearts III), Tomokazu Fukushima (screenplay, Metal Gear Solid, Liberation wars) and Rei Kondoh (music, Bayonetta series, Fire Emblem series).

The voices of all the stars, including Alejandra Reynoso, bring the world to life (Castlevania, DOTA 2), Jason Spisak (Hidden, Teen Titans GO!), Kyle McCarley (13 Guardians: Aegis of Ruin, NieR: Automata), Allegra Clarke (Apex Legends, Dragon Age: Inquisition), David Lodge (Personality 5, Final Fantasy XV) and Caleb Yen (Squid Game, Triangle strategy, Attack on Titan).

Only the faintest glimmer of hope remains as the menacing Mort army slaughters all in their path and the once hated group of mercenaries become their only defense against utter destruction. Command the Ashen Hawk Brigade, humanity’s last stand against evil, and fight for survival against brutal enemies using strategic command tactics, surprise attacks, and weapon synergy.

Precisely plan your brigade’s every move through war-torn villages, castles and snowy fields to perfectly position yourself to flank the merciless Mort. Place each fighter according to their strengths and abilities, master ranged, melee and stealth tactics. Unleash special abilities to give your Ashen Hawk Brigade an advantage during battle. Sacrifice maximum damage to stick-and-move abilities with special abilities like Butterfly Sting, and throw enemies off balance with Force Stance attacks.

Upgrade and equip the brigade with weapons and items earned after victories, and build relationships between team members through the battle bond. Unlock the personal stories of each Ashen Hawk member and make in-game dialogue choices that affect the relationships between fellow warriors.

Check out the new trailer below. Check out the new set of screenshots in the gallery.

Gameplay Trailer

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