Riverside County confirmed its first case of monkeypox in a child on Friday.

The boy is under 10 years old and lives in west Riverside County, authorities said. He or she did not require hospitalization and is recovering at home.

Officials were notified of the positive test this week and are working to determine the source of the infection.

No further information has been released about the infection.

“This case reminds everyone that MPX can affect anyone,” Riverside County Public Health Officer Dr. Geoffrey Ling said in a news release.

The county has reported about 256 possible or confirmed cases of monkeypox, most of which have come from the Coachella Valley, officials said.

The virus is most commonly transmitted through direct contact with sores, scabies, or vaginal discharge during sex, and through other activities such as kissing, hugging, rubbing, and cuddling.

A person with monkeypox can spread by touching unclean surfaces such as clothing and bedding.

In addition, the virus can be transmitted through respiratory tract during prolonged and face-to-face contact.

Health officials remind residents of ways to protect themselves from monkeypox:

  • Avoiding close contact with people who have symptoms such as ulcers or rashes
  • Practicing good hand hygiene
  • Use appropriate personal protective equipment such as masks, gowns, and gloves when caring for others with symptoms
  • Avoiding contact with infected materials
  • Infected people should be isolated until their symptoms improve or disappear completely. A rash should always be covered well until it is completely healed.

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