Rto New Challan Rule: Now Your Challan Will Be Reduced Even If You Have A Helmet, Cyclists Need To Pay Attention, New Rule Implemented

RTO New Challan Rule:-

India is a country where following traffic rules is very important. See more about Sarkari’s result Recently, helmet wearing laws have become stricter in many states of India. The purpose of implementing this law is to increase driver safety and reduce accidents. However, for some people, this regulation is causing another new concern.

Many times people leave their homes with their vehicles and think that they have accepted all the rules by carrying a helmet and now they are saved from getting a challan, but this is a bit of a mistake. There is a work (rule), because riding with a helmet in India is not the only rule that you have to follow, but there are many other rules which are important for the common man to follow.

RTO New Challan Rule: Be Vigilant!

Today we bring you information about some new laws that you may know about but never implement. Because of this, your vehicle may give you a challan even if you have a helmet. So all of you should be alert now and in future even if you have a helmet with you, don’t give your vehicle a challan.

RTO New Challan Act 2024: Rules Revised.

If we talk about the present time, in the modern digital era, vehicle challans are also issued digitally. Earlier, vehicle owners used to stand and issue challan manually, this procedure is about to end now and has been replaced by e-challan which instantly takes a photo of your vehicle and generates a challan without any warning.

RTO New Challan Rule 2024: How much challan will be deducted under which rule?

Now this question must be coming in your mind, apart from helmets, what are the other important rules that are very important for common people to know.

So, let’s start from the nation’s capital, Delhi, and find out the new rules related to two-wheelers:

Always wear a helmet while riding your two-wheeler. The same rule applies to pill riding.

Never ride with more than two people on your two-wheeler. which includes the rider. Overloading a two-wheeler in Delhi carries a heavy penalty.

Do not speed, ride dangerously or participate in street racing, as this may lead to serious accidents. Violation of these rules may result in severe penalties.

Follow lane discipline and avoid driving in zig-zag patterns on the road. Doing so is considered reckless or dangerous driving and will result in a traffic fine.

When traveling in your vehicle, always carry documents related to the vehicle and the driver. Soft copies of documents also work within the DigiLocker app.

RTO New Challan Rule 2024: Know these rules

Driving without a valid driving license – 5,000 rupees

Driving or driving a car without valid insurance – 2,000 rubles

Driving or driving a vehicle without a valid registration certificate – Rs 5,000

Speed ​​- LMV: 2,000, MMV/HTV: 4,000

Driving or operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating drink – 10,000 Birr and/or 6 months imprisonment

Dangerous driving – Rs 5,000 and/or 6 months to 1 year imprisonment, confiscation of driving license

Jumping a red light – 1,000

Racing and speeding – Rs 5,000 and/or 3 months imprisonment, community service

Driving using a mobile phone (handheld) – 5,000 rupees

Driving without a seat belt – 1,000

Stop Line/Yellow Line Violation – 500

Overload on a two-wheeler (three drivers) – 1000

Failure to give way to emergency vehicles – 10,000

Driving after dismissal – 10,000 rupees

Pressure horn use – 5,000

Along with this, there are many new laws where you can be fined even if you wear a helmet, so stay tuned with us. We will continue to provide such information to you.